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  1. Re: LOMAC and Patches. :roll: Check your system, mate. There never was a 3.06 GHz P4 with FSB 800 MHz, only with 533 MHz. Corsair 4100 ? :wink: yep, you were right, it's a 3.40 P4, buggered if I know what happened there, but it is 800 fsb, it says so on the Intel Box. and the RAM is 4400, not 4100, my mistake again, it's been a long day, well, thats my excuse anyway. PS, heres a direct quote from the Intel website. L2 Cache 1MB 512KB, 1MB 256KB, 512KB, 1MB Clock Speed 2.80 to 3.60 GHz 2.40 to 3.40 GHz 1.30 to 2.80 GHz Front Side Bus 800 MHz 800 MHz 400, 533 MHz Chipset 800 MHz system bus Intel® 925XE Express**, 925X Express, 915G Express, 915GV Express, 915P Express chipsets Intel® 875P, 865PE, 865G, 865GV, and 848P chipsets and from what I have red so far, the patch hasen't really done that much, and I certainly will not be paying for something that will fix a program that is still not completly playable without problems, even though it was a few years behind.
  2. Hi, my first post here, so please be gentle with me :shock: I bought LOMAC when it first came out, but, like so many was somewhat disappointed with the performance, eg, Matt Wagner did not mention at the flight sim show in Birmingham that the display of LOMAC that we watched there was running on a dual processor based system, :oops: no wonder we had issues with ours, :evil: even at that time my system was a P4 3.06ghz HT CPU, with 800mhz fsb, and a ASUS IC7 Max III mobo, and 1024mb of Corsair Extreme RAM that was 4100 speed, and yet it did not run very smoothly, so I got rid of it from my system. :cry: now though, I want to try it again and see what differences the two patches have made to the sim, so can someone please tell me if the issues have been sorted out yet, and exactly which ones I need please I have the UK version of LOMAC with no patches whatsoever downloaded yet. and, if I am correct, I have heard that a 1.1 patch may be in the pipeline, but that we will have to pay for it! :shock: is this true? :cry: thanks for any help guy's. Steve.
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