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    Wet decks

    Just watch the latest ED trailer for the Helicopter Bundle, you will be pleased regarding the matter of wet decks :)
  2. Finally updated yesterday and indeed cloud shadows on water are missing.
  3. So far what I've noticed about overcast is that the cloud layer remains self iluminated at night as in previous patches. Other than that and the missing cloud shadows on the sea, I'm liking the new look of things.
  4. I haven't been able to check it because I'm still waiting for the Steam update, but I noticed that in the video Matt Wagner posted over the weekend, cloud shadows on water were missing indeed...
  5. It's a bug that has been present since a long time ago. I was expecting it would be fixed in 2.5.6, but it looks that the team is probably focused in the new cloud system and not spending time on a fix for something that soon will be replaced in the game.
  6. I'm using the Steam version, so I can't take a look by myself, so here goes my question... Does overcast still look bright at night from above the cloud layer? It's been a recurring bug for years, but I'm guessing this lighting rework might have fixed it. Thanks!
  7. I hope there are non documented features like that or some more lighting improvements are coming later down the road. In the screenshots posted a couple of weeks ago of the searchlights I noticed that the stars were brighter than they are currently in the game. We will find out later today. Anyways, thanks for the update!
  8. It's the free SU-33 that comes with the supercarrier :) I had the same question last Saturday
  9. If you look closely, there are some details that reveal that it's actually showing a wet deck with reflections on it. If you look at the Yellowshirt on screen right, the mirrored image is not a shadow. It's actually a reflection, I can make out the yellow color in the reflection, as well as the darker pants. it's a mirrored reflection, not a shadow, something that reveals that it's a wet deck.
  10. They will definitely include at least two 3D models. If you look in the videos and screenshots you can see two different island structures. one pre and the other post midlife major overhaul refit. The main differences are the mast, pri-fly and radar tower. I've been spotting the two different models since a couple of months ago. It's cool, because it allows you to have different years simulated. The Stennis and Truman have not been thru that major overhaul yet. The screenshots in ED download sections are from the pre overhaul and the December trailer and in yesterday's 2020 video show the overhauled Nimitz class carrier. Also, because of the bulbs on the sides of the island, you can't just re-skin the 3D model. Those 3d bulbs follow the shape of the numbers painted on the sides, so you need an individual 3D model for each ship. My guess is that we are going to get two 3D models per ship for Roosevelt, Washington and Lincoln and one por ship for Stennis and Truman.
  11. It would be interesting to see at least the mission briefing and the map for interactive discussions with other pilots in pre-flight.
  12. Thanks for the update! I can't wait to click on the BUY button :)))
  13. Actually I am the original author of the USNS Patuxent, he used the model under my permission. I did it originally for FSX, so I must have the source files somewhere in an old hard drive.
  14. The product description says: "Detailed lighting systems that includes the long-range line-up lights, IFLOLS, Animated "rabbit lights" along landing area centerline, deck lighting, floodlights, and ship number on the island" I wonder how the hull number and floodlights will be enabled or disabled in the mission editor. In my opinion, leaving the numbers always lighted up as currently happens in the Tarawa, would be a terrible mistake, breaking realism completely (Everytime I fly off the Tarawa I have to look away from the island). Those lights are only used in harbor or when the ship is anchored and hopefully there will be a way to enable or disable them in the editor. On the other hand floodligths are a must for flight ops.
  15. Actually this is an interesting question. I think with such a beautiful and detailed asset, it would be cool to have alternative point of views in F9 other than the PLAT camera to enjoy flight ops. It would be nice to cycle views via F9, PLAT, vultures row, Prifly, cat bubble and so on, without having to manually setup views in the cfg file.
  16. Jafergon


    Definitely it's a long expososure shot, but in real life as seen by the human eye it's not much darker. This video is a good example of how it looks in reality. Only in some situations, the "Darken ship" (all exterior lights extinguished) condition is active during flight ops at night.
  17. Jafergon


    Floodlights on the island are extensively used during night flight operations.
  18. I think in one of the newsletters they mentioned that 5MC (the flight deck announcement circuit) is included in the module.
  19. Jafergon


    Having floodlights on the deck, as well as being able to control them, or at least set them as unit property in the editor is a must IMHO.
  20. At least if we have deck floodlights we will be able to see the crew at night. Now, in nights with no moon is impossible to see anything. I'm willing to see a screenshot of deck lightning at night.
  21. I'm wondering if we are gonna get two different models of the supercarrier, instead of just different textures for each ship. I've noticed that there are significant differences in the island structure, comparing previously released screenshots and the latest trailer. In this "old" screenshot, the island is from a Nimitz class aircraft carrier pre-multi-year mid-life Refueling and Complex Overhaul process. Compare it with the model from the trailer... In last week's trailer the carrier depicted is a modernized Nimitz class carrier with the new main mast and a bigger pri-fly. I'm wondering if the module is going to include 2 variants of each carrier for different years of operation, or if simply at some point it was decided to go for a more modern version of the carriers...
  22. I think in one of the newsletters it was mentioned that 5MC comms would be available, so there is chance we get to hear him ranting :)
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