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  1. I had a really nice surprise today when I found this video on youtube. I had absolutely no idea that a team was working secretly building the Spanish navy L-61 LHD (Australia's Camberra class is also based on this ship). They have released a video today and simultaneously the download link for v1.0. I didn't have time to check it out by my self but aparently it features two versions, one even with a wet deck, detailed night lighting and 8 slots for players! It's very cool to see DCS fleet grow up! The download link is in the video description
  2. Just trial and error :)
  3. It's looking great! I'm looking forward to update my CV AI units with your mod. Just one comment. I can see you are using the US roundel insignia from the USAF. It is silouetted, and that's something from the USAF, in USN and USMC the insiginia is solid. I noticed the default S-3 has the same issue. It should be as in the attachment. Thanks!!
  4. I really like water. Personally I like oceans a bit less reflecive, mostly with some wind, so I teaked those two lines in waterCommon.hlsl Basically my tweak decreases reflectivity on the oceans depending with stronger winds. It's just a small tweak to fit my personal taste. float windFactor = exp(min(0, 4 - g_WindForce)*0.327); windFactor = lerp(windFactor, 1, exp(-viewDir.w * 0.006)); I also changed the sea colour in the Caucasus map (terrain.cfg.lua inside the caucasus map folder) to be a bit more saturated and blue, also to my personal taste (the Gulf map is encypted, so this is not possible) seaDeepColor = {0.23,0.38,0.68}, seaScatterColor = {0.31,0.72,0.20}, seaOpacity = 3,
  5. Proper night environment on the deck. I think that's the single feature that I'm looking foward with more interest (and that animated crew, of course :)
  6. Thanks for the update BIGNEWY! Actually since last week myself and some friends have noticed a performance improvement. As a matter of fact I was flying today in VR with x2 MSAA because I forgot to disable it after recording a video and performance was great, even after landing, when before last week's patch, upon touchdown my fps would always drop in the Hornet :)
  7. I've also noticed that all those recent pretty screenshots showing the night lighting with the floodlights on the deck, are gone from the deveplopment screenshots section at DCS website since a few days ago. I wonder if it's just an error or something related with changes with the lighting. They looked really cool and realistic. Enviado desde mi SM-G935F mediante Tapatalk
  8. Basically I created a mission with like 20 hornets, a hawkeye, a viking and a greyhound (it requires the greyhound addon) taking off from the stennis (currently the planes spawn on deck as more space becomes available). All groups with a single waypoint and then back to the boat. A 45 mimutes cycle. You can see the different flights orbiting in the stack at different altitudes, and then breaking over the boat. really cool At the start of the mission I ejected from my hornet right after going full afterburner to leave cat 1 vacant and landed on the deck. Here it is the mission file. is a very simple execise, but last night I spent like an hour in VR in pure awe walking around the deck :) carrier launch recovery.miz
  9. I know, the thing, as you pointed out is that you can't use Lctrl+F11 with a moving carrier. That's the great thing about nmow being able to walk as an ejected pilot. It allows you to walk around a moving carrier from a 1st person perspective. I've been watching a full cycle of launches and recoveries for the last hour in VR and it's amazing. Actually I never noticed that AI now follows CASE I recovery rules with the stack and the overhead break!
  10. Finally in today's patch after ejecting, pilots can walk on the deck of the carrier (reviously you would fall thru the deck). This might look as something insignificant. but with the Supercarrier coming, it's going to be amazing to watch in first person the flight deck activity (even if you have to eject to do it :) I just tried it in VR and in the old Stennis it's mindblowing seeing Hornets and tomcats launch and recover, from the perspective of being there. Just try it!! BTW, it doesn't seem to work all the times, one out of ten attempts, I fell through the deck. Thanks ED!!
  11. Sorry, I forgot the link :) https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4229851&postcount=35
  12. Those floodlights, plus the stronger strobes mod that I'm using... it's going to be mindblowing in VR! https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4229851&postcount=35
  13. this one: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=266705
  14. I saw in the patch notes this week that the issue causing ejected pilots to fall through the deck was fixed. However, I just tried it in the Hornet and I still fall to the water through the deck after ejecting. Does anybody else have the same issue? With the upcoming Supercarrier, walking around the deck as an ejected pilot and watching flight ops could be a very cool thing to do in VR....
  15. Wow!!! Can't wait!!! BTW, what is that crash crane doing on top of the island? :)))))
  16. They look amazing! I noticed the differences in the models a while ago. Nice attention to detail. Also, very good idea to have GW pre-overhaul so we can simualte ops from different eras!
  17. Thank you very much!! I'm glad you had fun with my boats, now lets enjoy this new generation of carrier ops with the Supercarrier :)
  18. Yes!! This makes me very happy. I was eagerly waiting for any screenshots of the flight deck at night with floodlights on and thankfully no hull number lights as in the Tarawa (I think Razbam should fix that, they are never on during flight ops)
  19. Thanks a lot! I had a lot of fun creating those carriers and after all the years I still find the effort very rewarding when I see I had an impact on this hobby for quite some people. BTW, I finally had some time to dig into my old files and found the start 'em up clip I used. Here it is, as promised, converted to ogg for use in DCS missions. As I said, if finally Supercarrier has by default some 5MC comms included as it was hinted, that would make me very happy:) start-em-up.rar
  20. Thanks guys! Those carriers for FSX were like a love letter to naval aviation I wrote back when I still had time for that kind of project. I'm eager to see how ED and the Supercarrier take simulated naval aviation to the next level! BTW, these days are being a bit busy at work, but I'm looking for my old source for the Start 'Em Up clip. Enviado desde mi SM-G935F mediante Tapatalk
  21. I have the raw file for the audio clip in the first video I posted. I used the same audio for the Nimitz (in order to have it playing every 15 minutes in FSX was to create a 16 min long clip, with 15 mins of silence and the announcement in the minute 7 :) At that time AFAIK there weren't many options for AI units in that platform, so I followed a brute force approach. I got it from the old A-4 Skyhawk association website. Gotta look into my files.
  22. Exactly! That's a perfect example of what I mean. It adds so much atmosphere!
  23. I was wondering and probably will not find out until the thing it's released, if as it was mentioned in a newsletter a year ago (that's why I'm not posting this in the wish list sub forum), 5MC comms will be included in the module. Haven't heard ever since then. 5MC is the public address system used by an aircraft carrier Air Boss to communicate with the crew on the flight deck and other spaces. When I created many years ago the Nimitz and Eisenhower package for FSX and later for P3D, I included a sound clip for 5MC that would play every 15 minutes. It might sound like a minor thing, but I did it because it adds a lot atmosphere and "being there" feeling. I would really love to hear some various announcements on 5MC for launch and recovery ops.
  24. I'm guessing they will guide you. After all, AI planes align correctly with the cat, so the system can send you the same logic it follows internally as arm gestures from the crew. just a guess though...
  25. In the new helicopter bundle video there are two shots of the supercarrier in rough weather with a wet deck. I bet that effect is using SSLR...
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