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  1. Maybe the issue of the jumping clouds and detail level locked on LOW are linked, so they did that to prevent the jumping issue from being more noticeable... just a theory
  2. I'm using a Reverb G2. I don't think it's and HMD issue. Somehow it looks that quality settings are capped in VR...
  3. Besides from the jumping clouds issue one thing that I've noticed is that regardless of the quality setting I select in VR, the clouds look the same with no difference or very litte in detail between LOW and ULTRA. Maybe this is related with the jumping bug, but I was curious about this and if anyone else have the same impression. Other than that they look amazing in 2D and performance is incredible!
  4. We badly need the new S-3 and SH-60. I think they are coming this year
  5. How are the multiplayer ingame voice comms coming along? Any chance we might see this year a new iteration with radio sound effects, frequencies, etc... Thanks!
  6. The more I see the more I'm impressed by how realistic the new clouds are looking. However, we still haven't seen any night time pictures. I wonder how will they look under the light of the moon for example.
  7. Please keep in mind that a lot of new features are coming. In the near future we are going to have access to PriFly and seat in the Airboss chair (with controls for elevators, lights...) , an interactive ready room and a more detailed hangar. You can see some glimpses in the latest trailers and they have stated that there has been a lot of work already done. So in 2021 the module will expand beyond a "glorified 3d model and some animated crew". At some point we will get plane directors for taxi from and to parking spots. barricade for emergencies and more stuff, but I'm not sure that's coming anytime soon.
  8. Did anybody else see the new clouds in the thumbnail of the new video released yesterday by ED. They look cool for sure. I can't wait to fly between layers like in the screenshot. I guess iif they used it for the thumbnail they must be getting closer.
  9. I'd need exactly the opposite in VR, where usually colours tend to look less saturated. I can't use together anymore the the VR optimized shaders and the 3DMigoto package that had a VR saturation control slider :(
  10. Now that we have the option to mount the NVG or JHMCS are there any plans to have this also reflected in the 3D model of the pilot? Sorry if this has been asked before. Thanks!
  11. For me no problem at all with the Hornet and Tomcat in any weather, almost routine and probably my favourite moment in any flight along with landing on the boat. My only struggle is when I somehow screw it up with fuel management and find myself in a situation when I have gas for only a few minutes, then tension and anxiety makes me sweat a lot :))
  12. I'm unable to see any light sticks on that mission.... My guess is that this feature is inminent and somehow, under certain conditions is visible.
  13. which mission exactly? Maybe it's only enabled for one of the 3 carriers currently available. EDIT:probably is in one of the Syria map, I guess.
  14. My fault it was not Nick, it was Simon, in this Grim Reapers interview: He mentioned end of Q3, but as you say, the nature of projects like this is very dynamic and always subject to change, I understand it completely.
  15. I think in a recent video interview, Nick Grey mentioned that some new supercarrier content would arrive in September.
  16. I've noticed exactly the same floatiness feeling in the Hornet, at least since last update (didn't try it on the previous one). It might be that I haven't flown in over a month, but it's strange because my muscle memory was telling me to do the opposite of how the Hornet does now in close... Maybe an under the hood first iteration of the burble effect?
  17. This is included in the list of features to be added during EA, so we might see them anytime they release a patch. It's really needed at night.
  18. And the overcast lighting at dusk/dawn. After years broken it was finally fixed last week :) Now the cloud layer doesn't glow at those hours and it's a joy to fly over it during the golden hour.
  19. I agree, night sky looks very realistic now. It whould have been in the patch notes :) As well as the finally fixed lighting of overcast during sunset and dawn!
  20. I think it's a bug related to the introducion of reflective vests and helmets for deck crew last week.
  21. It's a limitation of the engine, not a bug. Currently DCS only allows 1 single light source for shadow casting.
  22. Stars now are not all the same size, so you can see constellations. and they twinkle. Moon has the right size, and overcast finally has been fixed and has correct lighting during dusk and dawn! A lot of improvements in the last update!!!
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