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  1. I got my panels this weekend and yesterday I was going nuts trying to figure out why my performance went down the toilet. I tried all sort of stuff for hours, until I deleted the scripts and all back to normal. Should I found this thread earlier I would have not spent those hours investigating what was wrong I can live with no lights sync in my panels, as I use them in VR only, but seriously, WW needs to address this. A simple thing such as syncronizing a peripheral with a game shouldn't eat so many resources...
  2. I think a world map is the natural evolution for DCS and I'm sure some of the professional customers have been demanding this for a while. For me it's amazing news and I think it will make this platform unlimited in terms of potential!
  3. Very frequently that kind of thing is not included in the changelog. downloading now, will find out soon...
  4. I don't want to derail this topic, but AvionRevue (...and Micromania) forged me when I was a kid, you know what I'm talking about Everytime I go back to Spain I get it at newstands if I find it. Now back to the subject, thanks for sharing this, C3PO!
  5. Thanks ED! Love these updates on the core systems and the detailed roadmap explanations, keep them up! I think 2022 has the potential to be a major milestone for DCS rendering tech...
  6. It seems the update got moved to next week according to EDs current schedule:
  7. I totally agree, 16 months without any siginificant additions ( other than some animation and rigging tweaks for characters and CVN75 model variation) is a bit too much. Maybe some easy wins like night wands or something similar would have made the wait easier... I can't think of any other module that after release didn't receive any new content in 16 months...
  8. Those screens look amazing! Actually a few months ago I noticed there were folders for the ready room. I was not saying that ED hasn't been working on the module, simply that the SC community is hungry for updates I understand the balance that BIGNEWY was talking about, but I think an update or some more news from time to time would make the wait easier. This is pure speculation on my side and I'm not saying I think this.... but maybe the delay of Top Gun Maverick is also delaying development or release of updates of this module, since that movie is going to boost interest in naval aviation and sales of the supercarrier, so ED is holding new features until then
  9. Even if stuff is not ready for release, at lease show some progress in the newsletter, so that we Supercarrier fans don't feel abandoned
  10. We got the new clouds earlier this year and I'm guessing that later in the year we will get a second environmental update with the new fog and water effects as shown in the Marianas videos. Maybe even thunderstorms... Anyway, this is just speculation on my side, but I think we will get the new fog and other effects later this year, not individually in small updates, but in a big update like when we got the clouds.
  11. Are there any updates coming soon for the supercarrier, even as some info in the Newsletter? Lately there are only news about the Mossie and the Apache and it's been months since the last update on new features for our beloved boat...
  12. I think there are several updates to weather coming soon. If you see the Marianas trailier there is rain, fog and new water render with more details. Must be coming very soon.
  13. Yes, I can confirm it. Just tested the patch after finally downloading the Marianas map and the new water effects are still not included. We will have to wait a bit more... (I think the tralier also features the upcoming new fog effects compatible with the 2.7 clouds)
  14. Thanks! I saw it now However it seems the cool water effects from the video are still not in this version....
  15. I can't see the map. got a 700mb update on Steam, but no Marianas
  16. That's the thing that I'm expecting with more anticipation, since I fly most of the time over water. We will find out soon...
  17. If you look at the latest videos Matt has been posting and yesterday's sale trailer you will see that changes are coming to water rendering. This one is particularly revealing. I think the new water will come with the Marianas and the new fog...
  18. Sorry, I can't post any screenshots ATM, but just did a quick test and based on my memories from flying on wednesday, they look as good s then.
  19. I'll try it later today, but I'm going to buy a module to say thanks to the Team just in case :))
  20. I'm okay with that. Now you can trade cloud quality with other factors to get your fps, where before it was not an option.
  21. Can't wait to try ULTRA clouds in VR later today!!! Thanks for this ED!!
  22. I created a thread about that particular question At some point BN said that the issue has been reported to the team, but so far no word about if it's been worked or not. I'm 100% possitive the cloud jitter issue is going to be fixed soon as stated many times by the team, but the issue of scalable quality settings to get the same detail in VR as in 2D (even at the price of lower fps), remains a bit of a mystery... maybe it's roots are in the jitter issue and both will be fixed together...
  23. From today's newsletter: "The Clouds jitter effects in VR are being worked on and will be fixed soon, we are not there yet but we feel confident in early tests that good progress has been made. Work on the fog is very promising and this is the next step in enhancing our dynamic weather engine. Check out the screenshots below." Great news! at least now we know that the fix should be coming soon, thanks for the update!
  24. I think today we might get some kind of report on the progress of the cloud jitter/lack of detail in VR. I saw there is going to be a screenshot of the new fog for 2.7 (currently fog is incompatible with the new clouds) , so probably they will mention what's the status of the fixes for clouds as well. Other than that the patch is amazing, from a Hornet guy's perspective like me
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