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  1. If you look at the latest videos Matt has been posting and yesterday's sale trailer you will see that changes are coming to water rendering. This one is particularly revealing. I think the new water will come with the Marianas and the new fog...
  2. Sorry, I can't post any screenshots ATM, but just did a quick test and based on my memories from flying on wednesday, they look as good s then.
  3. I'll try it later today, but I'm going to buy a module to say thanks to the Team just in case :))
  4. I'm okay with that. Now you can trade cloud quality with other factors to get your fps, where before it was not an option.
  5. Can't wait to try ULTRA clouds in VR later today!!! Thanks for this ED!!
  6. I created a thread about that particular question At some point BN said that the issue has been reported to the team, but so far no word about if it's been worked or not. I'm 100% possitive the cloud jitter issue is going to be fixed soon as stated many times by the team, but the issue of scalable quality settings to get the same detail in VR as in 2D (even at the price of lower fps), remains a bit of a mystery... maybe it's roots are in the jitter issue and both will be fixed together...
  7. From today's newsletter: "The Clouds jitter effects in VR are being worked on and will be fixed soon, we are not there yet but we feel confident in early tests that good progress has been made. Work on the fog is very promising and this is the next step in enhancing our dynamic weather engine. Check out the screenshots below." Great news! at least now we know that the fix should be coming soon, thanks for the update!
  8. I think today we might get some kind of report on the progress of the cloud jitter/lack of detail in VR. I saw there is going to be a screenshot of the new fog for 2.7 (currently fog is incompatible with the new clouds) , so probably they will mention what's the status of the fixes for clouds as well. Other than that the patch is amazing, from a Hornet guy's perspective like me
  9. Oh... I was kind of optimistic with this one. I really hope it's not an issue that is built in the foundations of the cloud tech...
  10. They have stated that dynamic weather and more control is coming later after the initial implementation of new presets in 2.7.
  11. No, that setting is for the VR screen that is shown on your monitor while you use your headset.
  12. Yeah, definitely on the mirrors clouds have more local contrast and volume than outside. It's not only they look more detailed (one might think the reason of that is that they are rendered in a smaller surface and so they look more detailed), they also have more occlusion and internal volume than ouside the mirrors and look less over exposed.
  13. That's exactly right. I'm fully aware that overall in VR these days it's hard to get the same quality that you can get in 2D. The point of this thread was simply to notify as a bug that quality options in the settings menu don't have any effect in VR, so you can't adjust them accordingly with your hardware at the moment.
  14. From the latest newsletter, it's very encouraging: "DCS World 2.7 Open Beta is now running at full power and feedback is coming in fast from the community. Thank you all for helping us with bug reports and suggestions, it is highly appreciated. We are currently also working to improve clouds, water and wave issues and enhance certain terrain features before moving 2.7 to Stable. "
  15. I hope it's solved sooner than that, after all in the patch notes they stated that it's a priority issue to be fixed
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