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  1. In VR I can see every 'Long' contact as a clear / white dot and I believe some well beyond that. (ie. St. Laurent to Caen seems no problem). Once they are within about 3 km I can barely see them at all until they're at about 500m. This is in open beta.
  2. The Syria map and the instant action missions got me back into flying the F-14. It's basically my favorite module now, except for a few problems with Jester. He seems to be a bit late calling out target position much of the time, and never differentiates between multiple targets. Plus, he's very... excitable. I can deal with the late callouts and the lack of target differentiation in BFM, but it would be nice if he didn't yell so much. I'd love to have a more sedate version of Jester to fly with. Is there any word as to when "boring Jester" will become available?
  3. Downgrading drivers is just not acceptable. But who uses radar on the MiG-21 anyway? That thing was designed to get you killed. ;)
  4. As a tactic for AI, mostly vertical loops is kind of understandable. It's their behavior at the extremes that kills my immersion. It usually looks like they retain too much control at low speed, and have no torque effects to deal with (there's probably a much better way of putting this, but I only fly on the PC). You sometimes catch them in the act, but Tacview really makes it obvious. They're still beatable, but it's frustrating. I find that for WWII, I'm best with the 109. I'll fly the F86F SoH - Dogfight mission borrowed from the F86 quick missions and change the aircraft to suit my moo
  5. Bravo, B@ron. I have purchased all of the WWII modules and all but two of the rest. It would be very nice to have better AI behavior at high skill levels. Particularly with WWII era craft. There are rarely active WWII servers with a low enough ping for me to participate in PvP. Having sunk well over $1k into DCS, I find the situation somewhat depressing. The AI is either very stupid or slightly less stupid with the ability to bend physics. I hope the AI sees some improvement soon.
  6. Zaphod

    April Fools!

    Interesting. We were both playing on his dedicated server at the time. I stuck a YT video up so he could see it, and it ended up getting something like 170 views. It's a nothing channel with all of 9 subscribers. It seems I was not alone in my confusion.
  7. Zaphod

    April Fools!

    The thing I'm most curious about is why it triggered for me but not the guy I was flying with. We're both GMT -5. I had initially thought my hardware clock was set to GMT, but this was not the case. I found it kind of annoying rather than funny, but it didn't cause me to crash or anything. I'm ok at focusing on detailed tasks, and the left MFD is not one of the things I focus on during landings. In testing after the mission, I couldn't get it to land on 3 eject icons or 3 ED icons. The air brake triggered a lot, and I rolled engine failure a couple times. But it seemed to mostly roll g
  8. Zaphod

    April Fools!

    It probably activated on my hardware clock. I have mine set to GMT, my friend probably does not. We're both GMT -5. Not quite so jarring as the SFM only AI. But still... it's annoying.
  9. Zaphod

    April Fools!

    This has been messing with me all night. It wasn't happening to the guy I fly with. Didn't occur to me that tomorrow was 4/1. My sense of humor is on opt out. I'd rather not, thanks.
  10. Glad it's not just me. I hate to fly against anything on less than excellent difficulty, but things like WW2 and Korean War era aircraft are ridiculous. The Mig15 on excellent was out climbing me in a M-2000C the other day. They AI is still just as stupid as ever, but they never seem to lose much energy while maneuvering. The one notable exception has been the AI in a F-86. They're particularly stupid for some reason. I don't want easy, and I don't want to follow an overpowered loop bot that ignores physics. I would love to fly against "top gun" level AI. I don't care if it melts my CPU
  11. I see it now. It was late here when I posted and it was all looking like nonsense to me. Thanks.:thumbup:
  12. So... I bought Vaicom pro and its extensions months ago. Finally decided to get it working today, and it's pretty great so far. But I mostly bought it for the F-14, and I have no idea what to say to Jester to make him do stuff. Is there a guide anywhere specific to the F-14 and controlling the RIO with Vaicom pro? Without the menu, I'm a bit lost. Thanks
  13. Given the recent reduction in power of the 7.62 rounds to closer match reality, I feel the UH-1 needs additional historical armaments added to the DCS version. My (completely reasonable) UH-1 wishlist in order of what I want first: XM30 An experimental system, the XM30 provided fully flexible mounts using the XM156/M156 universal mounts for two XM140 30mm cannon, with 600 rounds of ammunition per gun. XM31 Another attempt to up the firepower from existing systems, the XM31 provided two M24A1 20mm cannon in pods fitted to XM156/M156 universal mounts each with 600 rounds of ammunition
  14. Despite running a 55" monitor and trackir pro, I can barely fly without VR. It's just not the same experience. VR in DCS is the best.
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