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  1. Great work on the skin! This is the sign of good fortune and prosperity in India, (not sure about elsewhere) I was a bit shocked when I first travelled there to see backwards-swastikas painted on the sides of walls and buildings, and gateways to factories.
  2. Well spotted, you may be right there, I will work on a revised one to compare in-game - sorted!
  3. USAAF P-47D Thunderbolt, 48th Fighter Group, 493rd Fighter Squadron "Wonderful Winnie", flown by Lt. Col. Donald S. Archer. Lt. Col. Donald Sherman Archer (aka RAF_Yank) served in the Army Air Forces/Corps from 1942 till 1963. Don was born August 30, 1922 in Carp Lake, Michigan to Henry and Lillian Marie Archer. During World War II he served in combat in the 493rd Fighter Squadron, 48th Fighter Group, Ninth Air Force and completed 89 missions, starting at Utah Beach in France and ending in Germany. He was decorated with the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Air Medal and also
  4. Ive shelved the pico HID controller for now, got another Teensy LC which only took me an hour to get reprogrammed and wired up as controller for the button matrix + rotaries. Not enough clarity for me with the pico at the moment, prob due to my lack of programming knowledge. After severaI hours I could get the rotaries working in circuitpython but not the button matrix or the usb interface. After several more hours I could get the button matrix working in Micropython but notht erotary encoders or the USB interface. I took ages to get C implemented but thats also lacking s
  5. Sprool

    Bort Numbers

    Can someone explain the logic behind the Harrier bort numbers please? I enter 123, for example, it appears on the nose as 21 and on the tail as 132. Whats going on there?
  6. Sadly thats much more than just replacing a texture file, the gauge will be programmed to rotate one full circle for every 1000 metres and in feet you'd need it to rotate 3.277 times
  7. Took me a lot of digging around and hours of frustration to find the micropython code and circuitpython dont yet support rotary encoder programming on the pico yet, and getting it running in C/C++ with the SDK is a real pain, even for the experienced. (which I'm not). Python on other boards doesnt run like micropyuthon on the pico, it seems. Just not been out long enough yet to get better user support and exampe apps running.
  8. I need to look into this, but have come across an issue since I have two teensy2 boards and i cant change 1 without the other copying
  9. P-47D Corsair livery, the 'Corsaint' flown by the Legendary 61st Sqdn Warbirds faction: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/upload/iblock/fa2/P-47D-61st_Corsair.rar
  10. Renaming both in DCS World is no problem, you can call all your controllers anything you like, my hotas stick and pedals pay homage to Bert & Ernie off Sesame Street, but outside of DCS these renamings are invisible to Windows. Within Arduino I cannot see where/how I can rename it, it just seems to adopt the default USB keyboard, mouse & joystick controller. Since both Teensy boards used are identical, just the config & number of buttons + rotary encoders differ, windows sees then as the same item.
  11. I have 2 home made custom button boxes on usb for DCS, both run off Teensy2 microcontroller, windows sees them both as 'Button Box'. For a few reasons I want to be able to rename one of them so I can tell which one is which, in key bind configs and in windows. I went into Regedit to change the name of one of them then found the name change had been applied to both - windows sees them both as identical (but they have differnt configurations). Is there any way I can change one name and not the other so windows reports them differently?
  12. If its easy to program, the big advantage apart from it being much cheaper is the pico has many more pins available so you can add more rotary encoders up to the Windows limit of 32 switches. /edit: not easy for me to program, it prefers micropython and I have zero experience with that
  13. well here is a start https://thepihut.com/blogs/raspberry-pi-tutorials/how-to-use-a-rotary-encoder-with-the-raspberry-pi
  14. I wondered if anyone had made use of the new Raspberry Pi Pico controller yet as USB controller for a button box? I used a teensy board in the past but would be interested in a new custom build, but I'd need some support when it comes to the coding, for switches and rotary controllers.
  15. A workround is offered on thier Discord, you have to go into saved games/dcs/config/input and delete the 'disabled.lua' file in there, then it works for me. The disabled.lua tells dcs if there are any attached controllers you want to...err...disable, ie: not needed while playing dcs. They will not then appear in t he control setitngs options. It worked for me.
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