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  1. I know that MSFS2020 does it,which is why I raised the question
  2. Just to clarify, this doesn't allow hotswaps in game though, right? I'm mostly looking to be able to land after a flight in VR, then move to the platform, and wave for the rest of the squadron on my monitor
  3. Not sure if this has been asked for or if its even possible, but having a keybind available to toggle VR on and off would be great.
  4. Exactly as the title says. Just don't wanna wait a month and a half to order one online
  5. I know this is old but are these still for sale?
  6. Threw this together to show reproduce. Happened again first try. I am attaching a Track, as well as a video of it. I jettisoned them individually because they kept hitting each other. All 4 tracked and hit. (638) Uh....Magnum? - YouTube HARM Bug.trk
  7. Selective Jettisoned 3 HARMS. All 3 ignited, lofted, tracked and hit a blue Aegis Cruiser. Track file is too large to upload.
  8. like the title says, barely used. Girlfriend surprised me with a TM Warthog and the pedals are too narrow for the simpit I'm building. Both come in original boxes. Its a long shot but I would love to trade for a nice set of MFG or equivalent pedals. Email me at forcedinduction@live.com if interested
  9. I know its a stretch, but Im looking to upgrade from my X52. Anyone got a TM Warthog or a Winwing that they're looking to get rid of?
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