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  1. Excellent! I will try this when I get home from work today! thank you! :)
  2. That there my friend is an excellent find, ive not long got home from work, read this and has generated a smile on my face, shortly before laughing! :) lol I spent alot of money on my system to get it to run smooth as silk and at high FPS, and some mong reckons he can do it with an AMD 1700.... So I suppose they have a new pig flyable in Lockon then?
  3. To shoot more than one vikhr, be at a reasonable distance, find a target and note in your head the locations of other targets around your current one, then when your in launch range fire one missile every 5 seconds until you get your first target impact, then quickly slew the locking gate and set another target, when this is hit move to the next and so on, repeat this until all of the missiles you just launched have either hit or missed their targets. If you still have missiles, leave the target area to about 15km and swing in again to launch another salvo. Although I agree this method is
  4. wow im stumped, I havent seen this problem before, only when I was using 2xAA and 2xAF with my last card I encountered that problem. Have you tried also upping the resolution, I have never played at 1024 x 768 so perhaps its a problem associated with that particular resolution? I dont know. Sorry I couldnt help.
  5. Ahh good point zoomboy some flaps might help, do you find this encourages a little more instability in the aircrafts flight? Ive always been concerned about using the rudders, trying not to spin the plane, but from what you have said it appears that you need to use alot of rudder in a turn, excellent! thank you for your response! :) On the point of being close to the target, I often find to gain an optimal missile position you do need to be patient and egress a about 10 - 15km and setup for another attack run, this gives you plenty of room for a multiple vikhr strike, and then you can ge
  6. Try increasing AA to x4 and AF to x8. that might solve your problem, just an idea though :) works fine on my Radeon.
  7. I have already looked at this and I understand the concept of more weight > less manouverablity. But thank you anyway. :) This is a very good way of doing things only problem I have is if you judge it wrong or hesitate you will fall out of the sky like a brick :). I will try it with the SU25T when I get back home today and see if I can get it to do this little trick, I can see this being useful in tight spaces like valleys as I mentioned. Thank you :) Also I agree the AFM is excellent, a much better feel to the aircraft, would be excellent if all the aircraft had it, but im happy wit
  8. Hiya guys, I have been happily been flying around in the SU25T enjoying the experience I must say, I think ive learnt pretty much everything about flying the plane in the sim. But there is one thing that is bugging me, I fly the plane as if it were a Jumbo Jet with teeth, very long turns and leaving alot of space for manuvers, which makes fighting in valleys somewhat difficult. The reason I do this is I just feel like the plane needs alot of TLC in a turn and cant be flung around like the SU25. I want to know am I being daft, or can this plane do alot more than what I am currently ge
  9. Awesome modelling that looks great!! And yeah I think FC would benefit from having some optically aimed AA, it would look awesome seeing a large amount of optically aimed fire streaming into the sky. Yes you can do it with the ZSU, but the chance of survival will decrease rapidly lol :)
  10. I wonder would it be possible to have an interchangeable map in the F10 view? say to a realistic black AWACS view with outlined terrain and proper icons?
  11. I would like to see and AFM for each aircraft, though I imagine this would be extremely difficult and time consuming, so an AFM for the SU27 would be just as satisfying :) Dont want anything new really, although I am looking forward to flying the KA52 ;)
  12. They are great for attracting ZSU and MANPAD fire though :)
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