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  1. Out of budget:) Yes, we get screwed in some countries. Only saving grace is that wife and I travel quite a bit, otherwise buying stuff locally is just crazy.
  2. Sorry, I thought you were asking about taxes I would have to pay to get it to India. I'm getting it shipped to the US, and I think there is no local taxes if the shipped to state has no presence of the retailer. I presume that x-plane is based in Florida, and have no office in NY.
  3. Thanks. I have probably seen every youtube video on every pedal out there. Research is part of the pleasure in the shopping for me :thumbup:
  4. Thanks, that is very helpful. Yes, I use an office chair with castors, and that's another reason I thing the VKBs might be better for me.
  5. Thanks guys. The crosswinds are seriously out of budget though I love them [from the reviews that I have seen]. As already pointed out the toe brakes are of use only on the ground so I'm willing to give that up to save about 150 [or more?] dollars. Sent from my SM-N975F using Tapatalk
  6. Was just about to pull the trigger on VKB pedals, but saw that Virpil Warbrds are about the same price. Both are without toe brakes. Which would you guys recommend? I am looking to get the Virpil throttle and stick in a few months.
  7. The vkb website says they will not look into warranty if bought from x-plane. So will x-plane handle warranty then?
  8. Get the Intel M.2 ssds. Almost half the price of the Samsung ones, and NO difference in performance. Performance difference will be only when reading/writing single large files.
  9. Spot on, but, this is a new hobby in a long line of ongoing expensive hobbies :)
  10. Can I get some help on the dimensions and weight of the box that they come in? I live in India, and want to order to my daughters college in the US. Dont want to land her with a humongous and heavy box.
  11. Hi Guys, I live in India, and can't order to India as we have about 50% duty, and also a 50% chance that imports will get 'lost'. So, I need to order to a US address, and my daughter will bring it here. She leaves the US on the 16th of Feb. When I go to the VKB site, I see that 1) they are closed till Feb 2nd for CNY, and 2) they ship from China, so it might take long Is it OK to order from say, X-Plane? Any other source? Any personal experiences on shipping timelines?
  12. I would love the MFGs, but am such a noob, I just can't justify that price. Thanks. Will go with the VKBs.
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