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  1. In real life as far as I know most Mi-24 regiments had a system where a single squadron within it trained for sling operations on top of the curriculum, the helicopter is capable of doing them but much like troop transport it wasn't anything close to their main tasking.
  2. Whichever it is, firing an offset gun with that muzzle velocity and rate of fire at slow speeds is a nice way to do doughnuts in the sky.
  3. While that's the go-to for most people, I've found it to be suicide most of the times as it often leaves you in range of ATGMs, AAA, IR SAMs and tank guns. I've found the standard formula of running in fast, popping a shot then breaking away much more survivable and exciting. The Mi-24 will be the same in that regard.
  4. While these are all valid concerns, I think we might be thinking too deep here. The very first DCS module was an attack helicopter and it's been working just fine 13 years after its release. The Mi-24 just has more rockets and less missiles, but the same principles apply. It'll be fine.
  5. The GUV pods with the 7.62mm and 12.7mm machine guns will be available. There were ground vehicles in Afghanistan, mostly trucks, cars and bikes, but also a limited assortment of military vehicles captured from the Afghan and Soviet armies or brought over from Pakistan.
  6. It's was never standard procedure, and outside of Wikipedia I'm struggling to find sources to confirm this actually happened. From a logical standpoint, it made no sense: the vast majority of flights in Afghanistan happened with a crew of two, as the crew chief provided very little use, increased risk to human life and added weight in a situation where the helicopters already struggled due to the local weather and terrain. It was also heavily mined and, as typical with guerrilla warfare, front lines were abstract and the enemy could appear anywhere. I find it somewhere between unli
  7. He has said there will be regular training missions on the interview, and they want to do some tutorial videos too. No reason to worry, this is just another standard launch.
  8. The way the question was worded, they meant a training campaign like the 'Kursant' one for the L-39.
  9. The map is actually modelled in the mid-1990s. The addition of Georgia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia was finished internally before the conflict started, and hit the public build two months after it.
  10. We will have that, but that doesn't touch the Mi-24 too much. The Mi-24P was introduced in the 1980s. By then most client states of the US and the Soviet Union already employed the AIM-9P and R-60, while IR SAMs were being replaced by the Igla and Stinger.
  11. IDDQD правильно сказал. Но если подумать, на серверах в котором есть ограничений количество оружии это тоже был бы полезно. Например, лечу я один на разведку, у нас в аэродроме только 16 ракеты. Моя задача не требует больше 4 против ПЗРК, ЗСУ и т.д., но сейчас я должен либо брать 6 (и рисковать потерять их всех), либо идти без них вообще. Совсем некритичная ситуация, но раз в сто лет это мешает.
  12. No work in Russia until the 11th January, don't hold your breath until then
  13. Можно ли будет загрузить ракеты по одному (кстати, тоже актуально для акулы)?
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