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  1. Лично я предпочел бы с проверками.
  2. This was one of the reasons why the development team working on the Mi-24 decided to forego the PK on the Mi-8 - you lose a lot of visibility for a gun that will be shooting at bullet sponges, no point doing that until there's a rework of how infantry and bullets interact.
  3. Nope. Valve is peculiar about having a date at all listed, but it doesn't have to be met.
  4. I think it was said on the Russian side of the forums that the Mi-24 would not be going out to content creators before release, but they will do some videos internally for it.
  5. В стрим сказали что в общем нет. Петрович у нас серьезный парень.
  6. It can hover in combat weights just fine for enough time to locate and engage targets. The aircraft's tactics manual covers ambush attacks from a hover position dating back to the Mi-24D.
  7. Not the case. The Mi-24 has no issues hovering, to the point that in a cold day you can stay in a hover on continuous power all the way until the fuel runs out. The Falanga, Shturm and Ataka can be fired in a hover by the Mi-24 just fine, the only reason why you see fast pop-up attacks as the norm is because they are inherently more survivable than sitting stationary within range of main guns and ATGMs.
  8. это зависит от скин, а не страны. Если создатель включил текстуры для экипажа, то они там и будут. Если нет, игра загружает стандартные. Это так в почти всех модулях. В восьмерке строчки в description.lua написаны как "pilot_MI8_body" (форма) и "pilot_MI8_patch" (флаг). Например...
  9. Tangentially related, that one time Russia was part of a NATO-led peacekeeping mission
  10. Будут ли у Ми-24 подвесные топливные баки, как у Ка-50 в DCS?
  11. I would really like having that. For the purpose of campaign building, it would simplify the placement workload a lot.
  12. As far as I know the Mi-24P can carry up to 750 round, while the Su-25 has 'only' 250 in its related gun.
  13. Hmm, perhaps you can get it done with a script that allows the player to spawn an invisible FARP and the static units required to talk to the crew and rearm with an F10 radio option. Worth investigating.
  14. Wrong way around. There is no solid evidence of it happening, so unless someone is able to provide a source proving it and also explaining the procedure (which munitions could be carried, how many rounds, was this done with the engine running or not, etc.) it won't be added to the game.
  15. What you're describing is setting up a quick FARP using a large cargo helicopter to take the supplies, not having individual Mi-24s carrying reloads in the trunk and landing in the middle of nowhere to rearm. Broadly speaking, Soviet Mi-24 and Mi-8 units in Afghanistan operated from airfields or from Army forward bases. The ranges between those and the troops needing fire support were usually acceptable.
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