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  1. I started off on TTI (Through the Inferno) since it is more catered to you. You have preset waypoints, on the map you can see what waypoint is for what target. You have different difficulties easy being some trucks, medium has light aaa and manpads, and hard has some sa-6's and other sam sites. You get occasional texts in the top right with awacs braa call outs. Along with in the f10 radio menu you have various different options. But be aware, their are two different variants of TTI, their is the catered version, and the other version to be more realistic.
  2. This very good information, thank you for that. But let's say I had the AIM-54C, would that better my chance, or would it still just pretty much give up if the target does a 6g break turn?
  3. So I couldn't find a up to date thread that talks about this problem. So if their is a person who talks about this and addresses the issue yell at me for not seeing it, then show me the thread. But anyways me and my friend have noticed that phoenix seems to struggle at keeping a lock on a enemy plane. And we only have a chance of hitting an enemy with a phoenix if they are well within 20 miles. I have a tacview of a tws launch of 4 phoenix's, to which they all miss their targets. Does anyone know what I could be doing incorrectly? Here is the tacview: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3z5
  4. For me, no, it's just making kneeboards for startup procedures and so on.
  5. All that shows up for this folder is Data, which inside of this folder is only a folder for the kneeboard builder. Another folder is for all my kneeboards which I have added new kneeboard into. But when I go into the game the kneeboards do not appear only my old ones from 3 months ago. And I cannot even find where my old kneeboards are located.
  6. So I was trying to add a new kneeboard, and when I added it and loaded it into the game, it was not there. I then went searching in my C drive saved games and only found kneeboards for my planes. Weird thing is, my old kneeboards are nowhere to be found, I have checked my D drive (where I downloaded the game) and cannot find my kneeboards for my planes in their either. Even the kneeboards for different maps (such as airport info) does not show up. I have done a repair for the game and no use. Would anyone know why this is happening and what the cause would be? Or is it something where I hav
  7. Hello, So I am not the rio of the tomcat but my friend is and he has had this problem happen to him on multiple occasions. Does anyone know the reason why?
  8. Yeah that is true, totally forgot about that from the F-16C poll.
  9. I believe they said you have to pay for the upgrade, but people who already own it will get a discount, Not 100% sure on it though.
  10. I mean you bring up a good point, but they were still used on the A-10C, a bad example being the Mig-21 having 2 nukes to choose from. The Mig never used it in combat (at least what I know of) but they still decided to add it, but yes it was made by Leatherneck and not ED.
  11. Does anyone know if we will be getting Lockheed Martins sniper pod? Because it is used with the A-10C.
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