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  1. Great work being done..... Love that new radar stuff. cheers.
  2. thanks for the quick fix/update. you guys are tops.... cheers.
  3. thanks for the reply. I deleted all previous info prior to installing the newest download. again, thanks for reply.
  4. Hello to all. I am having trouble keeping my updated keyboard and joystick profiles with these new releases of the A-4. I setup my TFlightX and my keyboard and then use the 'save profile as' for each, but they will not save. After i input the name that i want to use and hit 'ok' the save file dialog jumps to the upper dir ../config/input and then i can either hit ok or cancel. either way, nothing is being saved. I have re-installed dcs-openbeta, and the mod. i have run dcs as admin. and still am having this strange behavior. other mods that i have adde
  5. Fantastic.... That is what i was looking for.... Many, many thanks... cheers. edited file as shown and worked perfect. FINALLY.......... thanks.
  6. I have been working with mission editor, trying to learn how it works and have come across an interesting 'bug'/event/???? if i want to place a new aircraft on a map, and i select one of my mods (A-4E) and place it on an airport. Then i go back to it, select start from the ramp; assign a PRK location and all is fine. Even if i then edit the aircraft to make the TSK SEAD, all is fine. NOTE: once SEAD is selected, the list of available aircraft has changed. Now if i try to do same with F-105 (D or G), all is ok until i try to select SEAD. when i select SEAD, the aircraft ge
  7. thanks for your info. I will keep looking into this and try to see why just the fc3 are 'funky'.... even the 'community mods' like the a-4 and F-105/104 and f-4 work normal... just a feature... thanks again.
  8. Hello all, I am trying to modify and save the input profiles for the FC3 aircraft. For all of the other planes (F-18, F-5, A-4, harrier, etc) this works as expected. I select which column (keyboard or tflight) and then 'save profile'. I supply the name and make sure of the destination directory and press save. All plane except for my FC3 work as expected, but the FC3 either will not write the file(s) or will bump up a directory level and then sometimes write or not write the file. I have checked full sub-dir + filename length and it 'should' not be a problem. and have tri
  9. Thanks for all of the great work with these aircraft. I am flying the D and G and trying to get a better understanding of some of the parameters used for bomb dropping. specifically, items like ripple interval and quan to drop. when using aircraft such as the SU-25T, as the keyboard inputs are made, you can see what the current value will be. Like 1, 2, 4 or all and interval as 0, 0.1, 0.2 etc. Parameters such as these are not shown in the F 105 D or G and i see no way of presetting or knowing what will happen when i drop. Is there anyway of 'knowing' what the current set
  10. Yes, with the others. This new format is BAD... Please revert.
  11. thanks for update and all of the great work. love this little bird.
  12. Hope you get well soon. Take care, Cheers.
  13. That's great. How did you get the reminder into the cockpit? I have updated the picture, but not sure about the other.. thanks.
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