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  1. outstanding job my friend outstanding job ( Brilliant )
  2. but i think when the missile goes Pitbull he is STT me if i am not wrong
  3. thx for the respond
  4. thx friend i hope this can be useful maybe there is something with RWR but i dont know how to address the issue or maybe i am imagining i dont know that is why its in discussion section not bug section
  5. @uboats i did it with JF-17 and F-16 i also reproduced i think its a bug but its random sometimes when u restart the mission or in a server when u respawn Air u lock the target and suddenly disappear from your radar and good luck trying to lock him again u can see in F-16 i was able to beam the missile and bandit radar look at the refresh rate and missile and bandit location in F-16 RWR and look at JF-17 ... there is a moment F-16 was jumping in my RWR i tried to do retry as much i can so u can see the difference waiting for your opinion and tell me if i am right or Wrong
  6. look lets not enter this area of questions . i am creating trk file and i am waiting for developer team to tell me if my thoughts of RWR capability's right or wrong and also add Mirage2000 in the list i just put F-16 and 18 cuz i tried them i am not delivering other players opinion i am talking about mine but i did the test with mirage also and i was able to maintain Beaming i dont wanna talk much more than my next post will be included with trk files
  7. sure and when i reach home i will create a trk file and also tacview what i am facing is in RWR missile position is not accurate if u try to put the missile on your 90degree u can't maintain beaming even when u see the missile on your 90degree update rate is too slow compare to missile speed in F-18 and F-16 the update rate specially inside 10nm approach gave u so accurate missile heading . in JF-17 u see the missile location but in general not accurate like missile is coming from 9 o'clock but not in the exact angel degree i will provide u with trk file and tacview to see that its not a
  8. i am flying this bird since day one and i have a serious problem .. maybe i am doing something wrong but RWR in JF-17 in matter of Notching is a disaster PS . i know how to Notch i am flying with hardcore players who taught me how to Notch nearly 2 years of training not just in JF-17 .. i tried with F-16 / F-18 i am able to Notch missiles pretty easy so any suggestions maybe i am missing something . or using RWR wrong i dont know its so frustrated in my personal point of view JF-17 RWR is not accurate if u use it in Notch ( my personal ) so if someone know how i would like to share
  9. nvm bro i was just saying u can make a Fictional one anyway cuz the official air Show i only saw white mirage2000 there is a video i saw a black mirage but i can't find it
  10. that is not also M2000 but u can do the skin based on this maybe it will be a Fictional there is a lot of Fictional skins
  11. that is the one i was talking about the standard one and the orange one is not like the JF-17 in this thread and i am Egyptian btw u can see some real photos in this site http://www.easternorbat.com/html/dassault_mirage_5_eng.html
  12. i dont think u need that much of info about the egyptian mirage since its very simple solid color with egypt Flag . that is the basic one but if u are interested pm me i will send u punch of pictures
  13. thx for the respond ... can u explain what is HAS
  14. unfortunately no but there is a clean skin in user files for JF-17 if u wanna use it to make a skin i used it and the result was good
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