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  1. Good news, but isn't this engine getting old? I'd love to see ED doing some graphical leap with their game engine.
  2. Probably they'll keep the Lock-On franchise and make it even more arcade to appeal to masses. I'm talking about a IL-2 Birds of Prey approach here, with consoles and everything. I'm still pretty disappointed about lack of A-10 update though. Looks like they won't be able to keep their 9 month promises, the waiting is putting me off of DCS.
  3. Looks like Matrox' overpriced TH2GO has found it's grave finally.
  4. Seriously I think people are getting a little bored with the Ka-50 module :P
  5. I don't think a video of people getting blown to pieces suits the "DCS General Discussion" forums, let alone ED Forums at all.
  6. RTFM? Under "New Trimmer Implementation". http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=43547
  7. A subscription would earn them more, but would also lose them a lot of their customers. Wait for ED's new game engine to solve many of your problems. The reason we have shoddy AI/Bad performance is because we're still on a 15 years old modified ancient Flanker engine. I can only see some DLC content being added to keep revenues coming in, but it's a thing to be discussed thoroughly.
  8. Awesome update, thanks :) Btw: I recall reading that a better convoy AI would be in this update too(scattering under attack), looks like the next stop is A-10 module.
  9. What you're experiencing is that you're being sucked into your helicopter blades' vortex ring. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vortex_ring Basically you get caught in the airwave that's been pushed down by your blades. To get out you need to apply lots of power, and pray that you're not too low.
  10. Agreed. It's pretty much "sterile" outside these departments. That's what keeping me off recently, once I've mastered the helicopter I have pretty much stopped playing because the world surrounding Ka-50 is so basic. Tactics would be the next step naturally after mastering the helicopter but the AI and engine limitations really limit that aspect. I have high hopes for the patch(better vehicle AI) and A-10 module though.
  11. AFAIK there's no official "dedicated server" files or support provided from Eagle Dynamics. What you're doing is running the game as normal like you're going to play it and hosting a server. That's why you can't run it as a service, and need Windows along with DirectX. ED said they have plans for a real dedicated server, I hope they're working on it :)
  12. 192nd_Erdem


    Of course with some comprimise, because nobody wants to wait 2 hours in front of their computers just to see some action(I'm looking at you WW2OL). But it doesn't necessarily mean we can't get realistic simulation of infantry and vehicles together, which is FUN. Keep the realistic gameplay(weapon handling, damage, armor and systems modelling etc) but at the same time take measures to ensure players can find decent action, and you get a pretty decent game. The problem is this game would cost something like 50 mil, and would take 5-10 years to make :) The only way I see it could be done is to make a modular game (like DCS) and update it constantly over a long time. I'm actually curious about what that new DCS engine will deliver. Maybe we'll get armor(tank) modules over time and in time infantry all working together in a multiplayer environment. Yes it's a pipe dream, but not impossible.
  13. Damn, they get so few of those beautiful birds and now they're losing them already. Makes me sad.
  14. FC DVD version had only DVD check as copy protection. It actually made sense back then, now you have to come back begging ED and they *don't have to* hear your cries.
  15. Hello, Long ago in the "Wishlist" thread, a coder from Eagle Dynamics wrote that they were working on Murmur integration of DCS engine for the radio communication between players during multiplayer. It's been a long time and I haven't ever seen any news about it. I hope it's still in the works. It's really needed in my opinion. We use Mumble in our squadron and voice quality is incredible. Beyond that Ventrilo and TS2 can offer :) Anyways, is there any news about it?
  16. Really proud to see these pictures. Our military industry really has picked up pace in 2000's. Soon we'll be mostly independent military-wise and begin exporting them.
  17. Beta version of the patch is available for for a while.
  18. TBH, I see no reason to upgrade at all. TrackIR4 is enough by all means, it's a "one time buy" product, and it doesn't "wear out" as others suggest :)
  19. I don't think the hardware is worth upgrading at all, but the software looks good.
  20. Indeed. But a Steam version could remove the "Activation/Deactivation/Reactivation" stuff altogether, as the program itself is a copy protection itself(only one instance of account can be online and playing). Though, ED can still opt to including Starforce.
  21. Incredible ED, I really appreciate it. This will surely improve the immersion.
  22. As far as I know, Black Shark uses an encyripted TrackIR interface for TrackIR. That means only TrackIR devices can be used with Black Shark. Freetrack has a way "around" it, but I don't know about cachya.
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