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  1. Same issue and none of the above fixes work. It either slews to the sky directly over the waypoint or designates a point on the ground where your crosshairs happen to be place at the time you push designate. I have also noticed the Map is no longer displayed on the HSI unless you zoom all the way in to 10 on the scale. -EDIT: It seems that target/wypt elevation isn't automatic anymore. It will slew correctly to a wypt if you manually set the alt to the correct alt.
  2. Bugs 2 other bugs I’ve come across that I haven’t seen reported yet are the following: When doing a cold start with no weapons sometimes the SMS will not reflect any weapons loaded. Even when re-coding and re-loading the DTC they still will not load. When doing a cold start and loading weapons, some of the weapons will not power on. For example the SD10s will not power on when entering bvr mode or when trying to manually power on. They work fine from a hot start already pre-loaded. This problem makes them unusable in MP. Some of the A2G missiles have the same exact issue. Again I have only encountered this issue when doing a cold start and swapping weapons.
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