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  1. I just got the Dora and kept having this issue. I read every guide, and could not figure out why my engine would blow up when its cool, and at 2500 rpm. Lo and behold - its a bug. Really frustrating. This happens multiple times daily It is incredibly reproducible.
  2. Ah awesome. Thanks! I did try searching first before posting this... but didn't see that.
  3. Ill make a recording and post my setup, but I noticed this recently since the last patch. If you turn on the Red or White flood lights it only displays in one eye (at least in my HTC Vive) and the other eye looks normal minus the lighting. It is 100% replicateable for me
  4. What the What..... How the hell do you get the HSD to display that. Has how long has this been in the game. I feel like I've been living under a rock?!? How did I miss this. (You're implying it's available in the B?)
  5. Its terrible. I thought the dark mode would at least make it usable. The forum subcategories take up 4x as much screen space and you have way more to scroll through. A ton of wasted space every post- even a single sentence post takes up a massive amount of screen. This is objectively bad.
  6. as in you have a big draggy open panel? I literally have never seen a tomcat like that. Can you post any pictures?
  7. Good lord that is a ridiculous system. Thank god im the pilot and not the rio- Ill let my buddy figure that one out.
  8. Maybe im missing something, but the install instructions state to open the Twitch2DCS.LUA in your CONFIG folder- However the latest install file structure does not include a CONFIG folder and only installs a Twitch2DCS.LUA in the SCRIPTS folder. Maybe you meant "CREATE" a Twitch2DCS.LUA with the text you posted- However that would be strange since you could have just included that in the file folder to begin with. The Sample LUA you posted also is wildly different from the one in SCRIPTS.... so the instructions leave me at a bit of a loss as to what the intended way to install this is.
  9. Yep, can confirm. We had a big thread on this, and it's still happening
  10. Press shift enter and bring up the joystick display. It also shows radar mode. When jester is in TWS Auto you can't tell him to scan manually. It would be nice to have him go back to yes manual if you know something is there tho, I agree
  11. That type of behavior is realistic. You're being tracked in TWS by the f-14 and the missile is being fed data while its own radar is completely off. It only turns on just before impact to do its terminal guidance to target a few seconds before impact. It was designed this way
  12. F-14 Pilot- Doormouse Rio- WhiteRabbit
  13. This is a known issue but they say they are having issues replicating it. If you do more testing try to stream/record it, and turn your track files on..they need more data. I've got a thread in the bugs section, but the HB guys are responding to this one. Either works
  14. Are you saying that Jester just forgets to turn on the missile prep if you jump into the Rio Seat after he has performed startup? That may be a feature? He keeps the radar in standby as well untill you take off. Could you list out the problem/steps in some bullet points?
  15. This still happens on a daily basis- At least Twice again tonight. Ill post recordings and tracks.
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