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  1. Hey guys. Ive had a couple passing conversations with HB folks on here or Reddit and I know they are "aware" of the situation but normally I am told that its either A) the missile api or B) the folks at SATAL/TACT being crazy and that "All missiles suffer from the same problems" Ive also seen multiple people be able to 100% reproduce the missile desyncs by flying high AOA while PH active, but no one seems to acknowledge it or have responded that its actively being worked on. I'd love for a proper response to what is basically the entire module being banned from competi
  2. Doormouse F14 Thank you guys for putting on these events!
  3. Was this included in the latest patch?
  4. It actually should take a turn, in the sparrow it's called missile English bias and it kicks out with "English" off the wing because of some limitations turning on the seeker before it is clear of the aircraft. In the Phoenix, according to Naquail, it should slew the head towards the target and then upon launching try to zero out the seeker directly on that course, causing an immediate maneuver to target. So- it should do exactly that. Make a turn right off the aircraft up to the maximal gimbal limit of the missile seeker I'd suppose.
  5. To be clear, what I'm saying and what the OP posted with a track is: 1) PSTT lock 2) ACM Cover DOWN/Unengaged 3) Phoenix fires down ADL with no English bias or course instructions 4) after some indeterminate but short distance/time the missile makes a high G maneuver towards the target 5)PSTT is maintained throughout the encounter (not that this matters other than proving there was a positive lock at launch that didn't drop just as the missile was fired) This happens frequently and is reproducible.
  6. The issue the OP reported is that the missile often does not see the locked target when you fire, which would probably happen irl too... However in DCS there is a 10 mile hard coded limit to missile tracking according to Naquail... Which is probably responsible for the strange behavior Ok, now we are getting somewhere. So you are saying the missile SHOULD maneuver towards the PSTT track immediately and IS getting instructions on where to MANEUVER to... Not just slew the seeker head. Because what I am reporting and the OP is describing is that with an PSTT lock on
  7. The nuances of what I'm asking are being lost in text. This would be clear with a whiteboard and verbal communication, but I'll make a go at it. Boresight no track is clear, I was never unclear on that behavior. The sentence structure in the manual is not proper, and meshes what should be two independent sentences into a single confusing one. PSTT not providing any guidance, and only prepositioning the seeker is new to me. If that's the correct behavior then fair enough. And finally the SAHR description you gave is incorrect or you misunderstood the
  8. Appreciate your responses, thank you. So if I'm understanding this. In PSTT it will never get course guidance, english bias, or any course instructions prior to launch.... and will fly ballistic with the seeker head pointed at the STT locked target area, hoping to see it and go active. Basically you need to lead your target and hope it sees it? The SAHR stuff is clear- the game can't handle the complexity of the missile... Yet! And regarding the competitive stuff- I suspected this is people just being sticks in the mud and apprehensive about the Phoenix and
  9. Appreciate the reply! Ah so, I think that queueing/english bias is not working properly, often the missile just flies down the ADL even with a lock. It should at least be going to the target area? By the way- The manuals last sentence is confusing, how can it preposition, without a track? Additionally: My understanding from the manual is that if you are ACM Active+BRST then it should SAHR until it gets a lock. This also does not work consistently and you have the same ballistic ADL launch even when you have a lock
  10. PSTT is always active off the rails and gets no post launch guidance? Even at 30 miles? Does it at least get English bias so it goes towards the lock? This is new to me... I was under the impression you could PSTT lock and engage targets at significant ranges. I certainly have in the past and seen the missile guidance work... I thought And just to.be clear about what the behavioral OP is describing, the Phoenix comes off the rails ballistic like a Zuni rocket and does not track anything till it gets to what I suppose is that 10 mile limit.
  11. Regardless of the OP's description... The aim54 does have this strange behavior where it appears to fly straight for a couple miles and then make a hard turn to track the target when in STT. I cannot imagine that being correct behavior while there is an active lock. It's like it doesn't get guidance instructions.
  12. Dunno where else to post this. All credit goes to the incredible GCI work
  13. This has been persistent - The worst is the INS. If you shatter it or misalign it you cant repair - you have to just get a new aircraft
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