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  1. mowercore.. LMAO... We have been running mostly with externals on up until recently. Now- we will happily leave them on whenever we are running a mission intended to be pretty easy.. If we're running one of the bigger missions - might go either way, honestly. We might not think about it until after the mission is running. If people have already began starting, etc.. we're not likely to change it... Bottom line: We're slowly phasing them out, but not making a huge production out of it. If you're in our place, and you need them on- just ask. I will say this about labels, though: "fuggeddaboutit"
  2. (ivanwfr) ^^^ an employee of Guillemont. CH scripting is just as advanced- if not FAR more so- and is so much more polished and straightforward. I'm not saying don't get one- but collect a wide variety of opinions from real end users. When looking beyond warthog now you become reliant on the software to make things happen. This is where TM has failed epically in the past. For YEARS. So get plenty of input from real people- not employees.
  3. Me? Can't remember.. Haven't flown FC since beta 2...
  4. I'm just noting that my poll choice was to force TS, BUT the prevention of antisocial behavior walks hand in hand with that- it's a side effect. That said- our dedicated server is not always locked- it's one of those spur of the moment things.. and no- we do not think that MP is overrun with undesirables. It simply a choice we make as we see fit. There really is no down side to locking for TS purposes.. you noobs will really benefit from it.. or maybe you'd like to type all night instead of fly.. :D
  5. Nothing wrong with being on TS and not talking. At least you can follow what's happening. If the language is English, and you can communicate effectively enough on this forum- that TS server will be no problem. Like has been said- either say or type that English not native, or mic's broke , etc.
  6. I was about to disagree with the "3 strikes and you're out" concept- but I see that Cibit's idea does not include "warnings" for deliberate acts. I'm good with that.
  7. Keep in mind that it may not track immediately- the maverick's range is limited..
  8. Here's a little experiment... A public rough draft of ideas that can be edited by anyone.. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Guq8KCt8kYH9yuXLxTfBZ4ksjcjdi8ckDV0e8x857VY/edit?hl=en_US&authkey=CNvtmcML Obviously: Do not vandalize the document with unrelated bullshit. (DCS:desired plane is unrelated bullshit) Do not erase ANYTHING regardless of how vehemently you disagree with it. Do not debate the merits of ideas on the document. We can do that here, and in the eventual meeting. If it survives- we can use this at our get-together..
  9. Agree a lot with Tommy. Certainly I will be participating- but I must note that this is already taking on a tone that somehow locked servers are the problem. ehhh- no. For the 50 bazillionth time- the locked servers are almost always in fact open to the public provided you join their comms channel. Those of you who want to use the "new guys can't learn if you lock it" whine to protest passworded access are going to likely remain disappointed. Not only does the comms requirement keep morons* away- but do you seriously expect anyone to train anyone via the chat function? I hope that folks are not skipping the multiplayer experience because of this? If you are- you need to look inward and not latch on to a sorry excuse like this.. *morons defined as people who choose to cause trouble- not new guys trying to learn.
  10. Yep- I'll participate on behalf of the S77th. A couple others may as well..
  11. ^^ mines set to default 6km backing it off a bit now.. T-Pod is a killa too. Not turning it on, specifically- but when the terrain is on the picture.
  12. Frames much worse for me. Turned off mirrors to make it playable. :mad:
  13. many people do not use the zoom axis on the track. The alternative is to use a button on your stick..
  14. True- but not to the point where it should cause any obvious problems. This is a settings issue he's having.
  15. https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0BzkMgHDjxmCXYzk0N2E4N2EtODVkMS00YmUxLWEyMjUtMzM4Nzk1OGMyNWJk&authkey=CJCBkPwL&hl=en_US
  16. I think performance is pretty poor, personally- but I have not tried a wide variety of scenarios either. Settings on high (including high mirrors) except: Heat blur off Water medium HDR & tssa off Was also hosting a room running old mission So to be fair- there's more leadslinging to be done before i rant..
  17. Does it matter if you select NAV mode THEN switch to EGI?
  18. definitely not faster here.. but I was hosting & flying with most settings up on high.. need to try a few more scenarios. 15 fps max. ground or air
  19. nice- think I'll hang tight for the integrated version.. not sure..
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