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  1. It took that long to stop laughing at the notion of flying with the mouse... Now that we've all regained our composure.. get a stick. For future reference- posters who clearly are not even slightly serious or even interested in flight sims enough to equip themselves with the most rudimentary peripherals-- are not going to be taken seriously in return by most of the community. But then you really made your life here difficult by copping that attitude- This pretty much labels you as a *several adjectives eliminated* young "game boy" user. Suffice to say: Change your tune if you want any help here.. Be advised that this board is overflowing with outgoing people who want to help any way we can. Every single field relative to flight, hardware and software is represented. Real life A10 pilots, crews, weapons handlers, avionics engineers, software developers, all the way down to those who are general computer whizzes and love to study and simulate real flight... So-get with the program and take advantage of it.. or not.
  2. Need both, but track ir first.. then there are several HOTAS to consider..
  3. While I would also like to know, and I have my preferences too- I can't blame them for keeping this quiet. They are still in the process of releasing the Hawg in various countries/ regions..
  4. I hope you're smarter than that... Virtually every system on the plane has redundancies- often multiple layers of them- to a. Protect the pilot b. keep the plane fighting c. get the plane home While the pilot is certainly the most important component contained within the tub, the entire plane is built for maximum survivability from tip to tip
  5. I tend to agree.. I think I'll go the 6950 route. or maybe a new mountain bike.. :P
  6. I'm a bit out of loop--- is there a $100 difference in these 2 cards? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102929 >>>differences are: -100mhz core clock and -128 SPU's far as I can tell vs. the following http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150531 Also- are these "dual cards" in one? Crossfire built in? I'm not going to bridge 2 units together anymore. I mean- what's the point? I don't do shooters- at all- and ED's stuff apparently doesn't care. Current GPU's (2 in Crossfire)
  7. ding ding ding!!!!! winner winner chicken dinner
  8. Centered on the reflectors/ LED's That is the main item. Put your head in the position you intend to fly in. Adjust the camera so that it is centered on your clip (regardless of what kind of clip) You may or may not need to move the camera.. In my case- I have to move it a bit to the right, and down. Why? because my chair mat has 5 major chair caster depressions in it from years of use- they force my chair- and me- slightly off center. I could move the mat a little- but why fight with that when I only need to move the camera slightly? Move the monitor slightly if needed, whatever.. just get the camera centered on your tracking clip. People make this harder than it is.. just get the damn thing centered with your clip one way or another..
  9. That should be fine. Tilt it downwards a little. For benefit of others reading this post- that same behavior will occur of you are off center left or right.. Either you or the camera will need to move to compensate.
  10. what? Is there a conversation going on here? OK go ahead...
  11. I was about to ask if the Sega episode and steam were related/ one and same.. guess not..
  12. unless there's a file in dcs.config that has somehow been assigned a rogue value.. others will have to show you what to check
  13. other than removing the modifiers- keeping it simpler- I'm not sure what else to tell you..
  14. Try the "exclusive" step. You're missing something- cause it does work..
  15. You need to Go to options, select a key that is not important to you in the sim- clear that key. Example: number pad 5 then assign that key in the TiR software. Caution- make sure you're ALWAYS using the SIM categories. You can mix things up messing with game mode.
  16. Nice thought- but not until they can do it right...
  17. Look- these guys are not picking on you. If you have no intention of taking this to the next level- which means- "I'll start here and work my way up" Then by all means use the game mode and be happy. If you think there is any chance of you wanting to learn anything more about the avionics, weapons employment, or any of it AT ALL-- DO your self a favor- kill the game mode. It will handicap your learning. Srsly.
  18. so you just want to arbitrarily slap TVC onto planes that do not have it other than perhaps a single test bed airframe... OK.... to each his own..
  19. It used to be that you changed your joyrange file from 400 to 4000. I did it on DCS install- more out of habit.. don't know if it affects things like it did in FC.. C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS A-10C\Config\Joyrange
  20. I'll bookmark it. Might come in handy. Thanks.
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