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  1. You sound like a barrel of laughs. Seems pretty simple to me. Get on- have fun. You're freaked about a stereotype that -oddly enough- not many first time online fliers ever seem to mention as fact when they come back here to post about it.. Here's a few tips.. Yes- the DCS online community is more mature than average. It's definitely not an xbox arena filled with world champion nose pickers. Yes- there are rules. It's all pretty much common sense. Don't teamkill. Watch your mouth on Teamspeak (or Ventrilo) Many of your fellow pilots have kids within earshot.. being on comms is often required to gain access. There is no good reason to not be. As far as knowledge required prior to "joining the sharks".. ehm.. blown way out of proportion. No one requires you to know JACK. However- No one is required to teach you anytime you want them to, either... Most of the time- they will. Just ask..
  2. Also be mindful of reflective logos on your shirts. ...
  3. Startup: Position Lights: Flash Nose Illumination: OFF Anti Collision: OFF Bright/Dim: Pilots' call based on time of day, wx, etc. Nosegear Main headlight: Taxi or OFF Taxi: Position Lights: Flash Nose Illumination: OFF Anti Collision: OFF Nosegear Main headlight: Taxi Takeoff: Position Lights: Steady Nose Illumination: OFF Anti Collision: ON (when entering the runway) Nosegear Main headlight: LAND Flight: Position Lights: steady Formation Lights- +BRT as needed Anti Collision: ON Nose Illumination: OFF except for Air Refueling Hostile airspace: ALL exterior lights OFF except Formation lights. Landing: configuration same as Takeoff except as noted: Anti Collision-OFF upon exiting runway. This is what I came up with based on the manual and pilots on the forum... Let me know if you find anything that's wrong..
  4. Sort of.. The full simulation *including* the latest patch is in the software section. The patch only is in the patch section..
  5. Hopefully- that's all it is. Or even better- the surge protector popped it's breaker. Check that, first. If not- try another power strip that you know is working.. If not try plugging directly into the wall just to test.... if not- hopefully it's just the PSU...
  6. Yes, it does. Look at the tabs on the bottom of the spreadsheet....
  7. Military aircraft use an electrical switch for trim- not a primary control axis.
  8. CH here. They're butt ugly- but indestructible. Had mine for....... 4 years I think.. maybe longer..
  9. Are the red tips the bare heads themselves or a safety cover of some sort? I knew they certainly don't stick out as the OP showed in his drawing, but they do seem to be somewhat visible.. I can only guess what you would see from cockpit..
  10. We did. CH. You might have to get over your online phobia.. Get a friend to buy it and reimburse him.
  11. Yes-- they did say it was coming- but that was a long time ago. Things change. An Apache product could be in any stage of development or holding pattern.. Even announced products can be held up with little warning.. Black Shark..
  12. http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=1171393&postcount=14 CH. Srsly.. (I have no idea where you are in the world- this is US$ and assumes you are in the US.. If you're not- disregard)
  13. I'm not really sure what you are asking.... The only level indicator that you adjust manually is the SAI after you uncage it.. It's basically useless anyway... After you run the bit test- you use the UFC rockers to exit twice to HUD's main menu- then turn on the IFFCC switch to put the hud into the main flight mode- with the pitch ladder, etc.. There's a link in my signature to an EZ start up procedure..
  14. Well- this makes you rely on the instruments and forces you to fly as properly as FC allows.. So congrats.. stick with it. Labels teach you absolutely nothing. I would encourage you to turn off the rest of the easy modes too, but to each his own..
  15. Along these same lines-- ran into this issue at Kobuleti- @ "25" end of runway. As you can see-This parking / maintenance area has two other aircraft. One of them is lights on, active, and running- not to mention MASSIVE... A Mainstay or some sort of Antonov cargo bird. You can see there is a surface to taxi on. I pulled into this area (noting the giant active plane) to re-arm & fuel.. and immediately got stuck as though I had veered off the runway into the grass and mud. Point is- this surface should be useable.. Track if you want.. Here This is at the very end of track obviously...
  16. Desktop is actually set to 1680x1050-- this resize is done by Picasa
  17. Hold the "read me" up in front of your eyes for at least 1 sec.... no wait.. hold the release weapons button or buttons.. whatever your using for at least 1 second..
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