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  1. Sup, peeps. :music_whistling:
  2. Careful with the terms. "modifier" means what I just described in the world of DCS/ gaming in general. A combination of simultaneous keypresses/ other inputs which changes the command given. When you have a question about setup or configuration-use what it's called in the sim to avoid confusion. In this case "Options" menu & "axis tune" panel Happy destroying. :D
  3. It should look something like this- keeping in mind that my axis name may not be the same as yours. - but note that there is no ctrl/alt/shift in the axis assignment- and note the invert axis
  4. start fresh.. don't try to adapt an existing profile to DCS.. ask me how I know this.. Arrange controls as true to life as the hardware will allow. That way- you can use references like this: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0BzkMgHDjxmCXODdkYzIyNzYtZjZiYi00ZGJlLWFiNTYtMTYzMzAyODNjZTdl&authkey=CPrpiZMO Once you have the truly required controls mapped- use what's left as you wish.. You MUST get your brain out of lockon mode. The design and the terms (TMS up/ left / short/ long, etc) are like they are for good reason.
  5. same here... Just something about it that isn't right..
  6. Yeah. I'm going to call bravo sierra on this one. I have been flying online almost exclusively since 1998 or so.. Nova's built in voice comms (forget the acronym).. roger wilco.. etc.. not ONE time have I EVER been "FORCED" to strictly adhere to brevity, or encountered any kind of obsessive nonsense that your going on about. So cut the CRAP about my community- if YOU can't handle flying live with/ against others- then sit out. No reason for you to discourage others from taking the plunge. Hell DCS is all co-op anyway unless someone sets up a rarely seen A10 air to air.. For the umpteenth time- passworded servers are MOSTLY accessible to the public if you join their comms. No other strings attached. It keeps out those who would cause trouble if allowed in with a measure of anonymity.
  7. haha.. 30 caliber rounds? (about 2 minute mark) :P
  8. I have it on my phone- not real good.. Can't hear it over any background noise
  9. Whoops sorry should've linked you to Comms thread.. Had to get going about 9pm eastern anyway..
  10. Sure jump on S77th TS3.. s77th.com/forums 1 click launch link on TS 3 status box (top of forums)
  11. Very nice.... If you are thinking this reaction is a bit late--- I've just gotten power back here at home.. (7 days) You can miss a lot surfing this forum on a phone...
  12. I had read about the data tiers on a blog about 3 weeks before they announced.. When it got confirmed I dragged my feet hoping that I could get a feel for when the Bionic was to debut. Once it became obvious that they had no intention of releasing it- I went with the second best thing based on reviews and specs. Since I had no barometer on which to judge how much data I would use- I decided that 2 gigs/ mo. sounded VERY low to me- and pulled trigger on the Charge for the same reason you did. I wanted a 4G device with unlimited data.
  13. Here's the squadron directory: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=34062 and the server directory- although this thread might be a bit redundant at times.. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=34063
  14. Samsung Droid Charge here.. Kinda forced into it against my will- Verizon was about to fuxor everyone over with their new data plans- and deliberately holding back the phone I wanted- (Droid Bionic) until the new plans took effect. Charge is pretty good- better than the T-bolt. That thing takes the term "bricking" to whole new level... damned heavy. Apple can byte me. I have little use for them and their totalitarian nonsense. I paid for the music- and I should be able to play it on whatever I want. Many of the apps I bought on my i- touch are free on Android market. Whatever music I get from here on out- I do with as I please. The instant I find a hack for the locked itunes music- I'll load it all right back into the music folder and itunes heads for the recycle bin. No flash? Really? Asinine battery replacement fiasco.. I do get a big chuckle watching all the apple zombies flock to their chapels every few months to get ripped off on yet another gadget that has 1 or 2 WOW's /advantages, but is predictably lacking a lot more.. That said- Apple is outpacing most of the others out there for form. Thin and light. No question about that. That was my only brief temptation regarding the iphone.. The Android OS has seemingly limitless upside to it. Apple is going to get BBQ'ed... Not because iOS is bad- it's the people who run the place. All in all- I recommend the Charge. I'd rate it 3.5 to 4 stars. Hits for battery longevity, and I think - a little short on RAM.
  15. They run automatically I think.. (edit) well... Maybe I should recant that. They run automatically for Multiplayer. Then you just upload the file to the forum or to your own web space. They are in owner\saved games\dcs\ tracks
  16. Master server list web page Kind of like what Nova had eons ago. Just a URL you could browse to & bookmark to see the Master Server list without having to start DCS & log on. In time if ED chooses to add features such as who is in what room, etc .. LMAO!! well I'll be.. the damn thing is still on. No one in it- but it's still there.. :shocking: http://nw2.novaworld.net/l3lobby2.htm
  17. LOL love it.. brilliant Not being able to rep the poster... not brilliant..
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