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  1. Registration approved/ activated.
  2. I need to get it myself, lol 40 clams, huh? wow..
  3. Howdy Cafe - North American lead here. We flew a little last night. Look forward to meeting you.
  4. Life isn't fair, the market isn't fair.. who cares about being fair? Trying to turn a profit.
  5. Ages ago in game comms would lag servers.. I think its moved past that by now, but why bother with wasting development resources on that with apps like TS around? Get a Mic. you can get them for next to nothing...
  6. Well CH is not expensive- you only have to buy it once.. But- I realize this is not 100% universally true depending on where you are in the world.. If there is a serious lack of CH availability, etc.. But I can tell you that this stuff is rock solid, and as dependable as the sunrise. Great software, great support. Highly recommended. If you can get it, and it's anywhere close to the cost of lesser brands- it more than makes up for it with years of service. So here in the US, for what it's worth- Replace anything else 1 time- you've easily exceeded a price of a full set of CH..
  7. ^^ Ditto. Disable the Z axis in TiR and use a button on your stick/ or or mouse. Shame it doesn't work as slick as the rest.
  8. Few- if any- hosts are going to change the way they prefer to do things regardless of whatever neato hack comes down the pipeline. Respect to those who have the smarts to create them- but this is simply not anything close to being a crisis. (except in the minds of a very very few) Servers are personal and private property. If the owner requires your presence on comms to enter- that's the deal. The idea that this simple and very beneficial requirement is everything from inconvenient all the way to a violation of human rights is.... heh..:doh:
  9. Buy a Track IR. For a million reasons besides the topic at hand. Besides- it's the law.
  10. Check out the forum Belgarion. You can join the TS channel directly from the forum.
  11. Join TS and fly. If you won't take this simple step- then you must have some other motive for posting here. If a locked server was meant for the public- the TS info is in the brief. Nobody owes you a thing.
  12. The mandatory TS requirement goes a long way in preventing just about every issue. Plus- being on comms is just plain good sense.
  13. That seems way out of line to me for any type of connection better than dial up.. Not rubbing it in- just saying that I think something is caddy-whompous here. I ran it about 630 AM this morning- no issues at all that I know of. Done in about 10 maybe 15 minutes. It reset all the default axis and buttons, but that's easy enough to correct. (Have not flown as of now)
  14. Currently a Sapphire HD6870 (1GB) (previous- 2x HD4890's, and way back 2x 2900 XT's I think.. ) Crossfire proved to be essentially useless.. Flight is all I do. I've never owned a shootemup.
  15. Teamspeak for comms. Many require it to join servers. You sign on to the hosts TS channel, and they give you the password. It's just good sense, and you will learn a ton- quickly..
  16. :doh: It was the LATCH setting. Move along people ...nothing to see here... (I swear the latch was ON by default previously)
  17. Yes on all counts. No warnings displayed- as in mismatch. I'll post a track.
  18. Seems to be the most relevant thread. Is there a new step modeled for engagement w/ LGB's?(12's) ? I am following the same procedure that I used to (worked every time) But now- Nuttin. Not hitting a thing 100% of the time. Lased at 12 seconds, lased at 25 seconds.. always from angels 9 or higher.. Perfectly stable and level.. perfect alignment of HUD reticles... bombs release right on time... everything seems OK- except it totally misses. I've been away for a while- and I don't see anything "ah-HA" on the forum... Need to set laser code manually or something?
  19. Nothing to report here in Richmond, VA. A much hyped non event. Schools and state offices all closed through today.. We left work about 2 hours early (Suntrust Mortgage HQ) Rain and wind holding @ 20-35 and gusting 45-60 every once in a while. All but gone by 6 this morning. Power never even blinked. Sounds like NYC/ NJ./ CT. area took the main hit.
  20. yup works a charm on my Samsung Charge
  21. Vipe! Yes- I was told a bit ago that it's part of P51.. will be installing shortly...
  22. Bought P51 just now and re- downloading the HAWG.. both on torrent now.. I didn't note a download for DCS world, but I'm still catching up and trying to sort out what's going on round here.. Still have to connect all my flight gear too..
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