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  1. The entire suite is on it's way to it's new owner. Thank you all for all your interest. Maybe I'll see some of you out on the roads in one of these cockpits soon. :D
  2. roger that. just waiting on a PM response to the first guy.
  3. Hey guys. I see you but can't respond effectively on the phone.. Site blocked at work. Be cool I'll be on later this evening.
  4. For those of you that remember me- Hello again. :thumbup: Time to make my retirement from PC flight official, and pass on the fun to the next generation. I may get back into it someday. What am I into now? Motorcycles have been my lifelong passion (and after getting rid of my wife) I was able to realize that passion again. So this is where my time and money is going now. A search of my posts here will validate how strongly I believe in these products. I'm proud to have contributed to many sales for these fine companies. All my equipment is in perfect condition. Absolutely flawless
  5. My CH pedals are set up with a script that mimics pressing the brakes harder. The more you press them down- the faster the W key is pressed. Press them down most of the way- it holds the key on. Perhaps the saitek can also do this using the things they call "bands" or at least- that is what they used to call em..
  6. Join one of the protected ones. Most of them only require you to join & stay on the provided TS channel while you are in the server. The server passwords are usually on the TS channel.
  7. http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=1621488&postcount=5
  8. Installed and activated successfully. Great job on the support ED. Thanks.
  9. Thanks for the attempt. I do not have the option to select 3) For each subkey, that is: Ubisoft', then 'Eagle Dynamics', then 'Lock On' right click -> Permissions -> Advanced: make sure there's no 'Deny' rules. If there's some, delete them, but only 'Deny' ones.
  10. Thanks man. just let me know if you want detailed specs,etc.
  11. In both cases the installation fold is default. No reason this should not work.
  12. I would appreciate some insight from ED on this. Thanks.
  13. yeah- no winning here. No matter what I do- there's an error. I have base lomac installed. That's all I should have to do. FC3 will not install as mentioned above. Tried installing FC2. That error says- FC1.1 not found. Installed FC1- starfarce error. Both FC's are now uninstalled. Getting irritated now..
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