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  1. Im using VAICOM with the JF-17 without enabling SRS PTT and it works fine. In fact we can use comm 2 channel 199 with datalink and transmit in comm2.
  2. Affirm. This issue happens in Tomcat right now with last openbeta update
  3. IronMike, I think problems with Phoenix now are in the midcourse phase, just before reaching pitbull distances. I think missile does not correct his flightpath and it is not taking into account what the radar is sending. I have tested several launches against not manouvering target hot at 40-50NM without radar disengage and almost all missiles were missed. Also had same behaviour with the missiles launched in TWS. Now Im using Phoenix in ACM arena, below 10 NM, where looks like I can have more probability of kill. Thank you anyway for your effort.
  4. Sure!!! Pimax 8k, most users VR set... Enviado desde mi SM-A530F mediante Tapatalk
  5. Real Eurofghter instructor and solo display pilot here. Looking forward to seeing what are gonna bring to us and test it with Rift S. If you need some kind of support please send me a PM, no problem to help you. Good luck in this project.
  6. Same here. No matter what you do, always stuck in 40 fps. PD 1.5. My specs: Intel i7-9700K, 32 GB Ram, RTX 2080, SSD Samsung 750 Gb, Rift S, HOTAS warthog.
  7. VR zoom is not a headset functionality. Is one command that you can bind in your hotas. You can find in controls setup in UI layer Enviado desde mi SM-A530F mediante Tapatalk
  8. You are right but if you use VR zoom you can manage better manual freq management. Cheers Enviado desde mi SM-A530F mediante Tapatalk
  9. Also using VAICOM with "select" option frequencies are not updated in frequency display close to hud, however if you check frequencies in simple radios, they are updated. It is only display bug, frequencies are changed Enviado desde mi SM-A530F mediante Tapatalk
  10. i7-9700k + 32 GB + RTX 2080 + SSD + Rift S Same here. Before last 2 patches FPS stables at 45 FPS PD1.7 Mirrors ON. Now, 30 FPS. Same video settings.
  11. My profile: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2onvo476gld58j4/joystick.rar
  12. Felices fiestas a todos. Hey Foxone, un abrazo colega.
  13. You are wrong man. I am one of the Eurofighter pilot that flew in that mission as wingman. The data about the mission is correct. No typhoon shot down by F-15. You can believe or not but it's the same for me but please don't try to change the information to convince people in wrong way.
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