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  1. And now they whine it was released too early... I'm sure not envying game developers -__-
  2. Silent Hunter 3 :D http://www.silenthunteriii.com/uk/home.php
  3. I guess engines are also for wimps :?
  4. That's pretty tricky, took me three times to nail it ;)
  5. Here's a quote from lockon.ru :wink:
  6. Also being able to place those decoys in mission editor would be a cool addition. :) I assume they are some sort of simple transmitters which radiate radar energy at some frequency/amplitude as the actual radar.
  7. How about those bending wings when pulling G. Now that would be cool 8)
  8. Don't know if this has been posted before, but i just discovered some interesting information on lockon.ru site. This is from Developer's journal article about new LUA exporting functions in 1.1 returned table keys for LoGetMCPState(): "LeftEngineFailure" "RightEngineFailure" "HydraulicsFailure" "ACSFailure" "AutopilotFailure" "AutopilotOn" "MasterWarning" "LeftTailPlaneFailure" "RightTailPlaneFailure" "LeftAileronFailure" "RightAileronFailure" "CanopyOpen" "CannonFailure" "StallSignalization" "LeftMainPumpFailure" "RightMainPumpFailure" "LeftWingPumpFailure" "RightWin
  9. Server admins should add some low level turbulence on missions. Would make it at least little harder for low-flyers. 8) How about some random small-arms fire when flying over enemy territory? This of course would require devs involvement. Some strategically placed MANPADS and AA-guns could do the trick for now. :)
  10. No In simulator game realism should come before balance. Besides Su-27 is deadly enough with only SARH.
  11. That was like right out of my mouth. I dont think adding new planes at this stage is necessary. This sim already has more than any serious combat flights simulator ever had. Eagle should concentrate on polishing the engine with dynamic campaigns, improved multiplayer, improved modelling of existing planes, improved mission editor and stuff. When the game engine is ready and running stable, then new flyables could be considered.
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