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  1. I have the same problem as Waddel. Here are my findings so far: dcs-ufc before dcs-export: streamdeck (dcs-export) WORKS, dcs-ufc does NOT work dcs-ufc after dcs-export: streamdeck (dcs-export) DOES NOT WORK, dcs-ufc works The ports are different between the two. I also went as far as renaming every occurrence of ExportScript to ExportScriptp inside the folder structure associated with DCS-UFC. After verifying that the renamed version worked by itself, unfortunately, the results of combining the two were the same as above.
  2. WW's software is EVIL and rewrites your export.lua. Even after pointing it to a different folder it still rewrote mine. The only solution was to start up SimAppPro (have it overwrite export.lua). Open up export.lua in notepad++, etc and fix it. Then start DCS.
  3. My ecosystem: TM Warthog on WarBrd TM FA18 on TM base WW stick on WW base VKB MCG on GF3 Comparions: I find that the TM FA-18 grip is feels more "premium" and is of better quality than WW. Also, they are slightly different in size, with TM being 1:1 replica, while WW is slightly smaller. The WW's tiny 5 way hat is a bit of a pain to use. I much prefer TM's approach of having a button and a separate roller with a middle press in the area of "EVENT Mark" switch. I purchased a TM adapter to allow me to use TM on WW base, but didn't install it yet. TM on Warbrd: Configuration: default
  4. To add to the problem: some USB on the back of the PC work while others don't for flashing purposes... At this point I am done using their software.
  5. I started up SimAppPro and it prompted me that there was a lot of bios updates for both panels as well as the throttle and the throttle base and the stick (I own WinWing's entire product line). However, my pit is removed from my PC and all of my devices are plugged into powered USB hubs. Getting to the computer either requires a usb extension cable or dismantling my "PIT". I decided to try flashing things while plugged into the USB hub. Unfortunately, the panels went dark due to flash issues. I was able to get both panels and the throttle flashed by using a USB extension cable to the PC. Howev
  6. When selecting HUD only view (ALT F1), both left and right MFDs are exported on top of each other in the right hand corner with a transparent background. Can you make it appear like all the other modules, where the MFDs are in their respective corners with a solid background.
  7. I am trying to use win wing's exports along with dcs export scripts. It appears that these two "step on each other's toes". Whichever line occurs later in the file, "wins". In the attached example of my export.lua below, the win wing's functionality wouldn't work, while DCS-export scripts (used by ctytler's excellent streamdeck plugin) works. By putting the win wing's export, the behavior is reversed. Before winwing, I was having the same issue with DCS-UFC and DCS-exportscripts not coexisting as well. What could be causing this issue with my export.lua? Are others able to have multiple apps
  8. How are people mapping Win Wing's throttle for A-10C II? Since it's a close replica of Hornet's throttle, it doesn't have all the switches from Warthog. I am curious to hear others' thoughts.
  9. I just installed F-18 grip on an older Warthog base. In DCS, if I move the stick all the way left or right the plane is not getting any input. I have to keep the stick a few milli meters short of max deflection on x axis. How do I fix this? I tried calibrating the stick using USB device panel, but I think it caused issues with VKB stick I have plugged in and didn't fix this issue.
  10. Yes. I only use it for Streamdeck. Could you provide more detail about "turn off individual sending options...". Where/how would I do that?
  11. Greetings, I am also having issues with your app "stepping on" DCS-Export scripts that use with ctytler's Stream Deck plugin. Here is my main Export.lua: In this state, stream deck is working, but your app isn't. If I were to move your export line to be below DCS-ExportScript, your app would work, but Stream Deck wouldn't. I would appreciate any advice/suggestions.
  12. HOTAS discord. Look for winwing channel.
  13. Get the XL. I bought the regular than the XL. Is is able to fit much more without the need for folders. Just getting a Hornet or Harrier UFC on the small one is a challenge due to the amount of buttons.
  14. ctytler's plugin provides widgets that allow for a bi-directional communication with DCS. Another component of a quality streamdeck profile is icons. For that purpose, I use the excellent project Togg-streamdeck. Togg's project can also be used without bi-directional DCS integration. The provided with keyboard .lua's that would allow to use it as is. However, I prefer to customize my key commands it and only use the icons from that project. Ctytler also provides a sample streamdeck profile with DCS integration and Togg's icons for A-10 so you can use that as a reference as to what a f
  15. Thank you! I guess I can't fault WinWing as it seems the real Hornet buttons behave the same way (momentary). I will definitely be keeping my eyes open for F-16 replica.
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