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  1. HI, I the TPod doesn't ground stabilise until one is at least 21 miles out. It cannot give you a reading until it ground stabilises.
  2. It would seem that the low fps issue while flying the JF17 is a STEAM issue as the stand alone is fine. FYI Thanks
  3. Hi guys, Does anyone suffer any frame loss recently? I have a pretty rubbish PC but always manged to fly my Jeff at settings that suit me, without any stutter of low fps. However, now i get low fps on an unpopulated airfield and same low fps on a busy airfield with triggers. I also own a F18 - this seems to be running normally & seems unaffected, even when I substitute jeff for F18 in the jet same mission. Messed with all graphical an pc setting and did a re-install of STEAM & DCS. but still have the issue. Just putting feelers out if any other pilots are getting reduced fps. (Playing in SP/ No VR)
  4. I'm also have some problems with lag in the menu screens and really low fos in game. I've been testing for 2 days with different settings in game and pc. Nothing worked so in the process of reinstalling the game. I'm sure 2.7.5 worked fine so must be my pc. I have a pretty rubbish pc however, it's always ran DCS to my liking. I will upgrade when win 11 is officially released. Hopefully my sim will start working again as previous.
  5. I hope this is fixed soon. The IR image in some weapons systems on various platforms is unusable.
  6. Hi guys Does anyone find the data link image for the CM802AKG unusable. It appears to be very murky now it only has IR mode available. Even when turning up the contrast it is very difficult to make out medium to small objects. The image slightly ghosts at time too. I have turned up render distance and texture settings and still has a poor image quality. What do you think?
  7. I dunno, the data link visual is unusable. The image is murky and Hazey, even when the brightness or contrast is turned up. I used to love this weapon for its stand off capabilities but cannot use it now, unless I attack a really large building.
  8. Hi guys I was testing the CM802 AKG & can only see an option showing IR on the DP. The image is very grainy & cannot remember if the option for TV mode has been removed. I've tried switch the pod image to another screens but still no TV option. Please advise. Thanks in advance
  9. Hi guys Just wondering if the Wingloong is able to fire its AKD-10 missiles? Tried but with no success. It would be nice to add it to combat missions as well as recon scenarios. Thanks
  10. Hi Northstar98 You are correct, the test I did was using a Patriot site I incorrectly set up. Just to reiterate the scuds can be intercepted. Thanks.
  11. This Scud missiles are still very inaccurate. Also nothing can shoot them down or attempts to shoot them down. Please ED can you look at the scuds as I would use them more if they had some tuning and got engaged by air defence. Thanks for all your work.
  12. Hi Uboats, Please find attached TRK file I've tested again and the missile explodes after release in LOS (mad dog) mode. I don't know whether this is because i locked a ship up on radar then release the weapon. It works fine if i lock a ship up on radar and release the missile in DIR mode. First one in DIR - worked Second in LOS - failed (exploded) Thanks. Anti ship LOS bug.trk
  13. Hi I was testing CM802 AK anti ship missile on the new free Marinas map. Everything was set up correctly. I got a good radar lock on a large cargo ship. Released the first missile, pressed F6 to view and the function was not available. The missile left the rack was visible for a few seconds then disappeared. Second missile did the same. Please see attached Tacview file. Thanks. Tacview-20210701-202925-DCS-anti ship.zip.acmi
  14. I've just had this issue. I think it maybe the same issue. I was off to Raqqa to attack an ISIS stronghold. I departed from Jordan and because I'm rubbish, but still learning AAR I was carrying bags along with gbu 12,s. I thought it was a weight issue but seemed to be slightly leaning on the taxi out. My load out was symmetrical. When in the night sky my plane was banking even in autopilot. I aborted the mission and returned to the King Hussain Airport. Hope this is fixed soon.
  15. I worked it out , last Win 10 update switched on protect folders in Win defender or firewall settings in Win10. All sorted now. Sim looks great - thanks
  16. Good day I cannot save any mission. I get a Can not write to file error. Even if I save elsewhere on another HD in another folder the mission will not save. Also after attempting to save the 'save' icon in the ME turns blue. I have made files folder 'all permissions' still nothing, I've re-installed STEAM and DCS, which takes several hours. I'd love to fly in them clouds, so frustrating. Please help. Thank you.
  17. Hi guys, Can anyone explain how when I'm testing AI and go into the game, that I am presented with a locked view of a radom asset. I place no human player down as I'm just testing AI. In the past I could use camera to check each unit. Now I'm locked into a view I cannot move nor escape from. It works if I place an aircraft as a 'player then I have use if the camera again, as you would expect. I noticed a few weeks ago that when I play a regular single payer game that my initial view 8s not in the cockpit as one would expect but rather an external view that is not a F2 view. This view happens even when my mission starts immediately. Just wondering if there is some setting I'm using that I'm unaware of. Thanks *Sorry, just noticed a thread for view bugs, probably needs moved to there
  18. I've noticed that on recent missions where i've place down AI jets (friendly or hostile), 1 in 2 crash into the ground. No attack on them by myself or any other jet or SAM system. No targeting whatsoever. Sorry my trk file seems corrupted. Just wondered if other pilots have the same problem. Running the latest OB patch.
  19. Lol, the reply just above yours is the programmer, saying he fixed it :) LOL, I see, I was asking when the fix will be applied. I presume in the next update.
  20. uboats replied Our programmer is working on this Great news. Will the fix be released soon?
  21. This is really annoying me. Been unusable for awhile. Please can the WMD be fixed.
  22. The LGB's are still losing track when flying over the target. Second update and still not fixed. Please see attached trk file. They hit fine when you turn away to the right, still bit annoying though. JP17 Laser losing track.trk
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