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  1. I've noticed that on recent missions where i've place down AI jets (friendly or hostile), 1 in 2 crash into the ground. No attack on them by myself or any other jet or SAM system. No targeting whatsoever. Sorry my trk file seems corrupted. Just wondered if other pilots have the same problem. Running the latest OB patch.
  2. Lol, the reply just above yours is the programmer, saying he fixed it :) LOL, I see, I was asking when the fix will be applied. I presume in the next update.
  3. uboats replied Our programmer is working on this Great news. Will the fix be released soon?
  4. This is really annoying me. Been unusable for awhile. Please can the WMD be fixed.
  5. The LGB's are still losing track when flying over the target. Second update and still not fixed. Please see attached trk file. They hit fine when you turn away to the right, still bit annoying though. JP17 Laser losing track.trk
  6. Mmmm, still not fixed, despite the recent ob patch.
  7. I just tested GBU-12 LGB's and they are way off target. I over flew the target area too. Auto lasing, tried area & track lock - Bombs way off.
  8. Looks interesting. I'd love to see the implementation of a land attack cruise missile that is not mitl.
  9. Thanks for the reply, got it working now. Those BUK systems are still lethal though ????
  10. Yes, SJP button ignited on console, Pod on standby, bkw aspect chosen, counter measures on auto.
  11. The jamming pod does not jam when locked or fired at by the BUK. Do you know if this is as expected?
  12. I hope this is addressed soon. I'd love to see scuds being challenged by Air Defences, especially over Israeli territory, as per the gulf war.
  13. I hope the Scuds get fixed soon as the REDS don't have any long range weapons. ALSO, they need to make the SAM systems engage the scuds, as they allow this threat into friendly airspace without any response. Fingers crossed they get them updated as they are such a cool looking model.
  14. I like Cap and the GR. They produce easy to understand tutorials, however, his passion is obvs cold war era jets. That's fine but what makes a simulation great is choice. I never understand people banging on about certain jets or weapon systems. If one is wanting to play a balanced game online, then just remove the option 'in-game' on certain systems. I'm a SP & as long as the systems are accurate (as much as possibly known), then I'm happy. I love the JF17 and the reason I play DCS. I love it's systems. I love modern weapons technology as well as 'retarded' technology. What's great abo
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