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  1. Thanks a lot Flappie, I will give that a try once I get my mother board back from repairs My broken motherboard could be the culprit also too
  2. The last update I had a problem loading into MP servers with a lot of ground assets (ie. Hoggit, Rotorheads.) which never happened before. I fixed that problem by turning off game mode in windows. But after this current major update, its happening again. When I load into a game, it literally takes 10 minutes. I am using 16gb of ram. Im not sure if that is enough
  3. IIRC, route hold can only be engaged within 250kph and in level flight. Altitude hold will disengage if you move the collective lever. I think there is a option to widen the threshold where your collective will disengage the altitude hold in the “special” option for the Hind.
  4. I found out that sometimes the autopilot would only steer the Hind left or right and not both ways due to wind. But the AP does work, its just very “loose”. I think the best way to think of the Hind’s AP is its not Autopilot but more of a Control Assist.
  5. Sorry guys, FALSE ALARM! I just tested it again and I found out what was different from this patch with the last patch. This new patch, when you switch your rocket pod to either the left or right pod before firing your first shot, it will fire from both but only for the first shot, the rest will fire from which ever rocket pod you selected. However, this was not the case with the previous patch. In the previous patch, if you selected either the left or right pod, your first shot will fire from that pod only. I found this useful because sometimes I will load smoke rounds on my left wing and rockets on my right wing so I could mark a target and then come back with something else.
  6. Cool, ill try and reproduce the problem and post a trk file here. Thanks!
  7. The switch that allows you to fire either from the left or right rocket pod no longer works.
  8. This bug was present in the last version and I already reported it but didn't get any replies. The KMGU dispenser stop button gets stuck in when pushed via hotkeu. If you push it using the mouse, it is momentary (meaning the button pops back out once you release it). This means that each time I stop the dispenser with my keyboard, I have to reset the button with my mouse.
  9. Ok, I think its not a DCS problem but a server problem. I joined aerobatics online and it loaded in fine. But I did also turn down my graphics settings.
  10. I just found out that running DCS uses 6~4gb of my memory and 0% of my gpu.
  11. I never had this problem before this update but now when loading into a MP server (rotorheads) its literally takes almost 5~10min to load in, and once I'm min the cockpit, its ultra low FPS for about another min. Going into F10 map gives me a black screen for another 30sec. Accessing the radio menu freezes for another 30sec. Going into options freezes for another 30sec. What got updated? It seems the game is running worse than before. I am currently on 16gb of ram
  12. Ok, it works now after dropping this file into my DCS open beta directory https://forums.eagle.ru/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=97090
  13. Still does not work for me lol
  14. The thing is that the update cant be downloaded. The file i downloaded from the site does not have a "install" file. Im not sure what you mean by install of the update. Its just an .exe file that starts the updater which then gives me the "Servers are unable to complete your request. Please, try again later." Does anyone know if this is a client side problem or a DCS server side problem?
  15. GG, I replaced the file and I still get the same error When you say "repeat the process of install" you're not meaning I gotta reinstall the whole game yea?
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