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  1. There doesn't appear to be a way to slave the radar to other sensors, at least not yet. I imagine the NOR button on the RDR page may have something to do with that. The A-A modes intro video Deka posted before release mentioned that the NOR button affects antenna stabilization. ATM, the NOR button is non-functional therefore I don't know what it actually does, but it might be a way to slave the radar to the TGP and other sensors.
  2. In the next update, Mission designers will be able to restrict loadout based on what they believe is realistic and fitting to their mission / Air Force's SOP. Could you please unlock the ability to mount smoky rockets and missiles and 2x medium bombs on the inner stations, and let the MEs handle the restrictions themselves? So long as they can physically mount them there, of course. Rockets and GDJ-II19 appear to be fine, but I'm not sure if the SD-10's PF-12 rails or PL-5/C-701 P-9 rails can be mounted there.
  3. You mean INS on the AAP? That button requires a 4-second hold to turn it off. It is like that on the real one to prevent accidental deactivation.
  4. Not sure if it's a bug or if I'm doing something wrong, but for some reason the INS will not fully align. This is in NORM alignment, LAT/LONG were confirmed on the DED, aircraft was stationary, GPS was on, Unrestricted SATNAV in options on, etc. Yet after 8.5 minutes, the system will never reach a quality state of 6. As a result my TGP and other sensors and weapons become misaligned and do not correlate properly with each other. .trk below of a basic startup with the phenomena. F16NORMINSALIGNBUG.trk
  5. I imagine it'd show up on the PFL (pilot fault list), accessible via the UFC.
  6. That still doesn't answer anything; what is the, "cheat"? I've been flying and modding the JF-17 practically all the time since it released, and I never found exploits that would be considered, "cheating". (whatever that means in a Flight Simulator.) Obvious things like loadout tampering don't pass IC as they should, and there is even another layer of protection at a plugin-level that prevents you from firing weapons in MP if you do somehow manage to get a custom loadout in.
  7. TV was removed as the real missile only has an IR seeker
  8. Check that you have Historical Units disabled in the ME. (it's the clock icon on the bottom panel.)
  9. This is intended behavior. The RDR will retain which targets are the HPT/SPT tracks while the HUD switches focus to the SPT. This is so the pilot and radar knows which target is their HPT at all times even after they fire on them. Also since the radar will always be scanning the HPT, you wouldn't want it to slew to a different target as it's guiding a missile.
  10. Here's the several types of FP points used by the Thunder, and their F10 names so you can create them in game. (Note, F10 names are case sensitive.) Point 00: INS Initial Point. Used for INS alignment. Points 01-30: Navigation Waypoints (F10: WPT1 - WPT30) Used for navigation. Course lines are drawn between points on the HSD when any one of the 30 points are selected. Points 31-35: Route Points (F10: RP1 - RP5) Used by the C-802AK and CM-802AKG missiles. The missiles will use them as steerpoints and fly towards them before reaching the target. They will either fly the Route Points in ascending order or fly to a specific point and then turn to target depending how you set up the weapon. Points 36-39: Pre-Planned Points (F10: PP1 - PP4) Used by IAMs (cruise missiles, GPS bombs, etc.) to attack pre-planned targets. Point 40: SPI Point reserved for the SPI. You can select this point to display the last location of the SPI on the HUD and HSD. Points 41-49: Markpoints You can create Overfly(OFLY) and Designation(DSGT) markpoints using the MRK UFCP button. Points 50-59: Airfields Reserved points for nearby airfields. Points 50-58 are preloaded to the DTC before the mission, they cannot be edited. The airfields are loaded based on their proximity to the Navigation Waypoints set in the Mission Editor. Point 59 can be fully edited. Its coordinates are set in the DST page and approach parameters in the APR page.
  11. That changelog hasn't been updated since the last patch was released. In fact, both the FCS AP roll and FLIR WH/BH levels were fixed before last patch dropped, but didn't make it into the build in time.
  12. Could we expect an adjustment to the throttle response times in tomorrow's patch? At least something that makes AAR and landing less painful.
  13. I'm gonna hijack this thread a bit to also mention that the Impact Angle (not Impact Azimuth) appears to be nonfunctional on the LS-6. They always seem to impact with a 10° dive. Likewise, the GB-6 HE does not have an Impact Angle setting, and retains the OPEN HT setting from the Cluster and SFW variants.
  14. Basically parroting my post in the main discussion thread - that throttle curve has got to go. No way does the real Klimov have such crappy spool times. No way does it take upwards of 7 to 8 seconds to spool the engine by 5% RPM. That's the kind of spool rates you'd see on like, first gen jet engines from WWII. Not a modernized, improved engine from the 70s-90s.
  15. The only thing bothering me is the absurdly slow spool rate of the RD-93. Is it really this slow on the real plane? It takes roughly 6-7 seconds to go from 72% RPM to 80%. And the smaller the RPM change increment, the slower the spool rate. Basically, there appears to be some really bad RPM Smoothing Curve similar to Mouse Acceleration in FPS video games. Smaller increments like 75% -> 80% have a spool rate of ~1%/sec, while 75% -> 95% has a spool rate of ~5%/sec. (Which is still really slow) This RPM curve makes it really difficult to land and AAR, or pick up speed after a dive bombing maneuver. Again, I don't know if this is correct for the DEEC to apply a really slow curve to the throttle, but I doubt anyone would use an engine that has such sluggish throttle response times. It should also be noted, the MiG-29s RD-33 spools much faster at about 8%/s to 12%/s, and it doesn't seem to have that anoying curve affecting the small throttle increments.
  16. And now it fixed itself again... I don't even know what is with this bug... I tried disabling stuff in device_init. The last one I disabled was the SMS, then it magically fixed itself. Re-enabled it, and the bug didn't come back. I assume the SMS is the culprit, but I don't know for sure.
  17. They accidentally broke it and didn't manage to get it in by the time last patch dropped. Already fixed internally.
  18. Most likely the Liaoning and other PLAN assets, possibly an AI J-15.
  19. Not a bug. When using Navigation Steerpoints (WPT 01-30) the Course Vector will point from steerpoint to steerpoint. You can see this in your screenshot, how the red line is parallel to the course line drawn between steerpoints. Likewise, the Heading on the top left indicates the heading you should fly to be on course with the flight plan. Using other steerpoints; RP, PP, MKP and SPI will have the Course Vector point directly to it.
  20. I wish we could get tweakable default Level and Gain for FLIR WH/BH and CCD for all seekers. The default level/gain for WH and CCD is too dark and BH is too bright
  21. Okay so I think I finally fixed it for real this time. I went into the Windows 10 settings and disabled Game Mode and Hardware-Accelerated GPU scheduling. I rebooted my PC and that seems to have fixed my issue for now. I loaded the same mission plus another one with heavy combat nearby, both 60-70fps, high GPU usage and no stutters. I quit the game 5 times and did not experience the bad performance from before. Hopefully it's fixed for real and isn't just placebo until it decides to crap on me again. EDIT: nvm, back to suffering...
  22. RWR prioritization. OPEN will show the last 20 emissions regardless of how much of a threat they are. PRTY will limit the amount of threats displayed to only show what the RWR believes to be the biggest threats based on several factors. (Emitter class, type, strength, etc.)
  23. Will do. Just re-formatted SSD and reinstalled DCS OB in a clean state again. Still getting bad fps. I will try de-bugging device_init.
  24. Unfortunately it didn't fix it. Second run of DCS and after, 20-40fps instead of 60-80 in the same mission above, only in the JF-17. However it does appear to be only inside the cockpit now. I do get 60+ fps when in external views.
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