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  1. I remember seeing this a while back when testing the render limit bug, and I think I can provide additional info. The interval between firing AKGs is not the issue here. You can fire 2 off at the same time at a far away target and they will both render in the same direction that the missile is pointing. The real cause of this issue is firing them too close to your designated target. If you fire within 20-15nm from the target, then the render will point 90° left of where the missile is pointing, and cannot be controlled.
  2. That's MK2, I think. MKK has the 10 from the original Su-27UB and no AShM capabilities. MK2 has 12 and can carry Kh-31A.
  3. It really doesn't make sense why snakeeyes or rockeyes can't be used in 3/5, yet the Type-200 can. Same with the BRU-33 ejector with 2 250kg bombs on those stations. It can't be a weight issue, because you can mount much heavier stuff there. It can't be a clearance issue, because the 1100L tank sits much lower than all other wing weapons. It also can't be a spacing issue, because those pylons are much closer to the outer wing pylons than they are to the fuselage, and they can mount the Dual Ejection rack.
  4. The JF-17's radar can display target range on the HSD with datalink enabled if the target is detected by Velocity Search. IRL, Velocity Search cannot determine range, only closure rate and bearing/azimuth. Not only that, the JF-17 radar can also transfer hits from VS to RWS or TWS, and vice-versa. You can then quickly bug them with the TDC before the radar refreshes itself and acquire a SAM/TWS lock at much farther distances that either of those two modes can even detect them. You can also momentarily see AG GMTI or SEA1/2 hits on AA radar if you switch to AA master mod
  5. Correct, the data will remain even if they are no longer present in the F10 screen. It's better to keep it as is, for when you need to RTB and return to the same target afterwards. Otherwise you'd need to mark the same area in F10 again.
  6. They're the ones who broke it when they released the SLAM; thought no one would use the Stand-off Land Attack Missile at stand off ranges, so they limited the render distance to 30nm from the aircraft. AKGs were working just fine before then, but since the JF-17 isn't their project and no one bothers using SLAMs because they suck and 8x JSOWs exist, its "not their problem".
  7. Quick question: shouldn't the Drag Chute Switch be spring loaded? In other words, it when you click and release the switch, it should automatically go back to the Neutral position instead of staying in Deploy or Cut. Likewise the keybinds for the switch should also reflect this so pressing the button will move it to either Deploy or Cut, and then return to Neutral when you let go of the button. I imagine this would help with people forgetting to set it back to Neutral after Cutting it, reducing the amount of people wondering where their chute went after rear
  8. He means empty pylons without any ordinance on them, just like almost all other modules. Instead of having it like it is now where choosing "Remove Payload" also removes your pylons from the wings, add the separate option like in the Hornet/Viper/Fulcrums; "Remove Pylon". That way "Remove Payload" will leave you with bomb pylons attached to your wings with no ordinance and "Remove Pylon" will, of course, remove both weapon and pylon.
  9. I've made a .trk file to show what I mean. I had a MiG-21 fly towards me then make a 90 deg. turn right while also dropping it's speed to have it notch my radar. As you can see, my radar enters MEM mode two times: once it dropped for about 3 seconds before it reacquired it and kept a solid lock, but then shortly after it entered MEM mode again. During that second MEM mode period, you can see the TD box jumping backwards ever so slightly as if it was updating target position, even though the TD box was blinking meaning it's still in MEM mode and it supposedly can't find
  10. The thing is, even though the radar enters MEM mode, the HUD TD box and trackfile in RDR page will still update the target's position when the beam goes over the it. After the update, the radar will still remain in MEM mode, with TD box flashing. After the 8 seconds, the bugged target will not be dropped from the radar, but only if it's bugged in TWS or SAM. STTs do drop after the timeout.
  11. The Kh-29T is not meant to be used in Low-Light/Nighttime; it has a TV seeker. Also the Kh-29T does not correlate its seeker with the Merkury LLTV Pod, meaning the Kh-29T will not lock on if you use it. You have to use the Shkval.
  12. HUD SPI offset (number with L or R next to it, above DeltaT time to target) reads 0L or 0R when the SPI is vertically centered on the HUD. The HUD SPI Directional Indicator (Diamond with arrow that points to SPI) is also bugged and may suddenly jump to the opposite end of the HUD when approaching 90Deg. offset angle to SPI. (You can see this on timestamps 0:45, 1:30, 1:40 and 1:56 in video) Example video below.
  13. WMD7 external model animation does not match where you are looking at in the POD page. Video example below.
  14. Can confirm, AGM-154 also go M 1.0 when they are about to impact. It is scheme-related behavior, not just an LS-6 thing.
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