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  1. Ok thanks! Makes sense... Sucks being left eye dominant. Good thing I have wheels on my chair. I’ll mess around with recenter VR view and deliberately shift Left when I set it, so normal seating should be closer to the sight.
  2. Flying in VR, so can't speak to 2D... I've tried both settings in "Special". Switch to gunsight view when gunsight is powered on, and also Always use gunsight view. Pilot view is always left/default view. This DID work in the included Training mission on cockpit familiarity, but doesn't work on my own "free flight" missions (nothing other than flying waypoint to waypoint around channel map with AI.
  3. Only been flying with AI wingman/lead (and flying in VR). Right wingtip position/nav light of my AI wingman isn't attached to the wing and floats in space about 2 feet below the rear edge of the wingtip. Light on left wing is fine. Doesn't affect my plane in exterior view. This occurs in the included Channel Free Flight tour, as well as quick mission from ME with AI lead flying from waypoint to waypoint, and me formation flying.
  4. I have flown a few instant action, free flights, and also a couple of quick ME made free flights with a couple of different presets. Anyway, while flying a few of these something seemed "off". Then I read a few posts with people saying it seemed very dark, but I hadn't hadn't noticed it initially. I'm using the F/A-18C "instant action" free flight in Syria for reference (following a flight lead wingman in from the coast for a few minutes, before he peels off to land). I continue East (?) past the airfield where it's cloudier and the ground is in the shade... fine from a distance when you're not in the shade... once you're "in the shade", flying treetop level, it's hard to discern trees and other ground objects clearly, since everything is too dark... it should "auto-brighten" as your eyes would. Flying anyplace with broken clouds, some areas cloudy, some clear sun, it looks great from above and a distance... but if I fly under a cloud into the shade, it's dark to the point of being hard to see clearly... it's shade/overcast, NOT night. As a professional photographer, I think ED is treating the pilot's eye like a camera (with fixed settings, not variable), and is constantly "exposing" the pilot view for the bright areas of the scene, which turns normal mid day shade/overcast excessively dark. Think HDR where you combine 3 or more photos (1 normal exposure, one overexposed so you can see the detail in the shadows, and one underexposed so you can see the details in the bright highlights). The human eye does this at once, and instantly, and can see details in shadow, and bright areas "on demand", unlike a camera in a single exposure (think being outside in the sun, and then going inside a house). If real life was like the way that change is programmed in the pilot cockpit view, you'd be walking into furniture, because it is too dark to see clearly in your house in mid day, because it's WAY brighter outside the window. The way the light changes are being modeled in 2.7, ED is basically programming that your pupil in your eyeball never dilates when there is less light, and is always exposing from the brightest areas, even though they may be 20 miles away in the mountains. If I fly into a shady area (shade from a normal cloud, not black as night thunderstorm), the cockpit and everything in the shady part of the landscape shouldn't be as dark as 5 minutes after sunset, where you can barely make out details. The pilot view needs to be much more "variable" in how it reacts to shade vs bright areas, just like an eyeball.
  5. Just got my WarBRD base (and CM3 throttle), and bought the TM F-16 (aka warthog) add-on grip. I'm clueless on the high end stuff (coming from a T16000 setup)... says "Remove the 2 bolts holding the female grip connector in place when attaching TM grips to prevent damage to the connectors". Then the black plate disc is very loose, is that correct? I don't want to F something up. I would think those screws are there for a reason. lol
  6. I ordered a WarBRD base and CM3 Throttle on March 7th, charged my card on the 11th, shipped on the 24th, and arrived today. So just over 3 weeks.
  7. yeah, I was looking for latest updated one online, and noticed it wasn't there... probably an oversight, or will be updated again next DCS update... you can use the one in your DOC directory on hard drive for now.
  8. Yeah, it's never going to trim out perfectly where you can go to the bathroom and come back... LOL I would like to see an option where you can set the trim sensitivity... I've seen mods for the Spitfire for that, but rather than a mod, just let us set it in the settings... like default setting is "one click equals = 1.0 adjustment" of trim, but let us set that to .5 or .2, or whatever someone prefers... it would help with getting a stable altitude, where one click up you nose down too much, but one click down on the trim hat and you're climbing... if that was broken into smaller increments, you could get it trimmed pretty level.
  9. Great video Lanky, along with the Huey one... so many details I'd never have seen otherwise.
  10. Not sure what the issues are with people saying it's difficult to fly? I'm in a RAF Spitfire squadron, and find the P-47 much easier to fly generally. Can obviously fly the Spit fine now, but was no where near as steady with only 2 flights in it. The P-47 flies smooth, comfortable, predictable, and goes where I want it to. How a big car like a 1976 Cadillac Eldorado drives... LOL Yes, you need to trim, but you do in every warbird, and it doesn't change drastically like the Spitfire does with minor engine changes. With the Spitfire every time you move the RPM or throttle in the slightest, you're completely re-trimming pitch and rudder. I'm using a TM 160000 (Warthog still on backorder), and MFG rudder pedals.
  11. Very interesting story and info that I didn't know. Not boring at all! Thanks for sharing.
  12. I only did the instant action free flight (in a Spitfire, not P-47, since the Spit is the one I normally fly)... Not VR, 27" 1440 monitor, and I was getting 70-80 FPS pretty steadily in most areas... upper 40s and 50s flying low over Dover, et al with an occasional stutter (get that occasionally anyway). 2080 Super, but rest of the system is older... i7-4790 and 16gb RAM
  13. Am I the only one? I normally already have my gamma set down to 1.8 from the 2.2 default... took the Spitfire on the "Free Flight" instant action around the channel map... when I did F2 view, everything was very bright and washed out... in photography terms was probably 1-1/2 to 2 stops overexposed... dropped it down to 1.4 or 1.5 to make the scenery look closer to the other maps as far as exposure and saturation... Spitfire was still overly washed out looking in external views. I have a 2080 Super and haven't changed any settings except for the gamma after I saw how bright it was.
  14. Ear roaring? Mine sounds almost like the engine cut out... just started flying the Mustang, and I was frantically looking at my gauges. Sounds like the sound effect in Saving Private Ryan on the beach, when he's shocked and it's like temporary deafness. here's a video from hellreign showing exactly what I experienced doing the Instant action dogfight... first one is at 1:04 or so... another time about 1:30.
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