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  1. I'm fairly sure the initial jab at runway damage is also an inaccurate statement. ALL F-35s were grounded this summer, due to the investigation resulting from an engine fire. Most UK airshows happened this summer. VTOL (more accurately STOVL) had nothing to do with it. I suspect - though I'd have to check my maths - that the jet efflux velocity and exhaust from F-35's turbofan/lift fan combination is lower than Harrier ever was. The Yak-141 famously melted the Tarmac at Farnborough, but that was a rather different beastie.
  2. So nobody uses Padlock anymore? Everyone has TrackIR? (bump)
  3. Some of you are probably already aware that the US test-flew a small number of captured MiGs at Groom Lake during the 1970's; what you may not be aware of is that the USAF operated a whole squadron of Soviet aircraft in Soviet colours as a routine part of Red Flag. This squadron - 4477th TES - flew the MiG-17, MiG-21, and MiG-23 between 1980 and 1988. For their final fling before retirement, they simultaneously launched 13 MiG-21s and 4 MiG-23s to participate in Red Flag. They flew 15,264 (!) sorties in their MiGs, exposing USAF, USN, and USMC pilots directly to mock combat against Sovi
  4. This. Means low - so low that you are hidden from enemy radar behind terrain features (terrain masking), outside typical scan patterns, or in ground clutter. If the enemy can't see you, they can't shoot you. . . . of course, if your own GCI can't see you then it can't vector you to the enemy. And if the enemy is also tooling around in ground clutter, you're both going to have an exciting time dodging ridgelines, but the odds on you finding each other to have a fight are slim . . .
  5. I think you've just summarised the operational limitations of the MiG-21 :D RL employment depended heavily on GCI for situational awareness and cueing to targets - there's only so much you can do to compensate for the limits of the sensors. Against an F-15 (or even a MiG-29 or Su-27) the deck is stacked verily heavily against you. If you want to develop effective sim tactics, best bet is probably to fly NOE as you are doing and use GCI cues.
  6. I see a lot of comments on the red padlock crosshairs being visible when people don't want it to be - I have a slightly different problem. I don't own a TrackIR and I'm not about to run out and buy one - I'd like to actually use the padlock function. The option is switched on and I get the red crosshairs on screen, but when I get to the merge and tap Cycle Padlock Targets (Numpad . or equivalent mapped joystick button), nothing happens. Padlock works for other DCS aircraft, but not for the MiG-21. Am I missing something obvious? Is padlock not implemented yet, or implemented different
  7. Damn, just heard the news. I met Jim briefly at a show in Bristol demonstrating the Black Shark Beta - I remember thinking how accurate his credited title of "Flanker Champion and True Believer" was! A great loss - my most sincere condolences to the team and his family. I regret I haven't been able to read all the tributes yet, but I look forward to doing so and hope there'll be a fitting memorial.
  8. Ooh, this takes me back . . . The only way of changing the channel the mechanical HSI is using is by changing the predefined NDBs in a config file: IIRC, you can set up a custom ARK.lua file to be loaded with a specific mission. However, the manual also references the possibility of displaying NDB bearing on the ABRIS HSI through another source: Haven't tried the ABRIS one yet. Good luck!
  9. . . . if you mean the two little black blocks with the window on the front, either side of the base of the HUD . . . they're part of the helmet aiming system fitted to all three aircraft. If it's something else, you'll have to circle it ;)
  10. You can move your head in the cockpit without using TrackIR, yes. For example, a Saitek using the pinky trigger as a modifier on the hatswitck to move from rotation to translation. So you don't NEED a TrackIR to fly Black Shark. It's a serious advantage, though. I've still never used one. Tried to get one set up at the RC Sims show and it was confused by a ceiling light, and my current setup makes it a bit difficult.
  11. IIRC, the first 20 or so went to the ED team as a gift. Mine was in the 50s somewhere. . . . that's actually not an advantage, though, as the first series had clip-rings that were too large for the folder they were in. Is there anyone around who can provide feedback on the official ED ring-bound Flaming Cliffs manual? It was available from the shop, but I don't know anyone who bought one.
  12. 24 Vikhr would be enough. However, you only get 12 :D If you can find somewhere where you're very nearly masked but can survey the convoy with the Shkval, it should be fairly straightforward to pick out and engage any air defences. You know where the convoy is coming from and going to (it's on a road, after all), and you can lay an ambush, air defences first. You'd have to take out heavy armour as well - a tank can and will fire shells at you, and heavy-calibre turret weapons will make a big mess if they hit. Standoff range! Use of the datalink to mark targets isn't that useful
  13. The timeframe answer is a bad one - the Ka50 and Su34, for example, still haven't entered service . . . . Lock On's timeframe is pretty much fictional. There's a bit of 80's, but there's also some stuff before, after, and yet to come. Information isn't freely available for a lot of these aircraft, so that's a factor. There are an awful lot of factors in choosing which aircraft to have as a flyable, though.
  14. The iPhone Mk2 has just been announced - with 3G and GPS. I can't think of anything it won't do - my name will be on the list tomorrow morning :D Anyone else?
  15. The diamond target marker is very much real - although not quite as cool and slick as Lomac makes out. If a target's position is known, then it can be input into the nav system and the HUD can point you to it. That's relatively old tech. So's the A-10 system of using an off-platform laser to designate the target, with a sensor on the aircraft that can detect that and highlight it on the HUD. However, cycling between a range of moving targets isn't realistic for these aircraft. To be able to do that, either the aircraft has to keep track of all those targets via an on-board sensor (not
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