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  1. BINGO Amber alarm is not associated with any sound, neither its specific "glou-glou" sound nor the Amber alarm sound (which comes after 30" without acknowledgement of the Amber repetition light). Sad because audio warning is quite important in this case. I know this issue has already been raised, but at least we could have the Amber alarm sound. Thanks
  2. OK true for firing radars but false for EW and tracking radars. The philosophy of self-protection is "avoid getting shot" trough 3 stages: 1 - being unseen (by being too far or too low - > Intel and appropriate routing) 2 - if seen, not being shot at (by staying out of missile range, or defeating tracking radar, eg: beam - > Intel and RWR) 3 - if shot at, not being hit (by evading the firing radar or the missile itself - > manoeuvre and jamming and decoying) Reaching step 3 means that you are fighting for your survival. You jettisoned your bombs and
  3. Hint: compare SAM frequency band and SERVAL frequency band, and you'll understand why some systems might be "missing".
  4. Take off trim for M2K is neutral. Touching it on the ground will result in a red DECOL alarm.
  5. In the plane you often go from AP amber to AP green just to get a nicely trimmed aircraft. The only case where it is not sufficiently precise is just before AAR. You disconnect the AP and then go for a slight light trim action. In some circumstances AP connection is not possible because you have too much effort on the stick. In that case you have to trim roughly to decrease the efforts, then you can go AP on, and come back with a nicely trimmed aircraft. In some circumstances, like close formation, it is however delicate to use the AP to get a good trim since you can not afford an unwa
  6. Keep in mind this is a fly by wire aircraft, efforts in the stick are 100% artificial. The aircraft is trimmed for a given set of airspeed / altitude / G load. When you use AP you are usually below 2G, and therefore when you disconnect the AP your aircraft is perfectly trimmed for whatever attitude you had at the given Z/Vi set. It's only when you start pulling Gs that you will feel an effort in the stick. There is absolutely no difference in terms of effort in the stick between a level flight and a 45° climb... The sim is somewhat weird in this regard compared to the real plane, this
  7. Hence my comment... IRL the airplane is trimmed for a given speed & altitude when you release the AP and you have no effort at all on the stick at this moment, whatever your attitude. This is a discrepancy with real FBW behaviour
  8. He said "the autopilot leaves trim in an extreme position". This is never the case, the trim is normally left by the AP in a perfect neutral position...
  9. A good sim upgrade could be done here. IRL going AP on (green) and then AP off or sby (Amber) leaves the plane trimmed for the current flight conditions (at the time of AP disengagement). This is very often used to do a "quick trim" instead of using the trim hat on the stick.
  10. Габихан

    @Elmo: CCIP

    Wow this is harsh... Some of us used to do it for a living and took their time to give you detailed and justified technical arguments to explain you the how and why, and you sum it up by a condiscending "Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do." This is a pretty effective way to take people of goodwill out of Razbam's threads... What a pity.
  11. Mirage 2000 D and N have no gun, and no training A/A gun mode. This should answer most of your concerns regarding the accuracy zf these videos. 2/5 Sqn videos should not need any further discussion either. It leaves us with the M2000EG questions. Are these more 2000C or 2000-5 airframes? As long as you are with Magic II and gun modes, there is no difference. So you might consider taking it as it is : a fairly accurate and nicely documented input. And thanks for these videos, they are interesting!
  12. Nobody will give you a proof of the absence of something. The reason is, since it does not exist, there is no proof. If you say something exist, you have to produce the evidence. This is a well known logical truth. So when we tell you FAF and Dassault never published anything regarding CCIP dive bombing with high drag bombs, we can not prove it, because we pretend it has not been published. I love this plane and the module you built, but hey, dealing with Razbam's representatives is a pain in the a**.
  13. I guarantee you 100% from first hand experience that Dassault's manual and FAF tactical guides never consider using high drag bombs in a dive. Therefore official DCS's M2000 guide is wrong on that aspect. Among other considerations, vertical position error is one of the main factor of final precision error. When you are in a dive, vertical position uncertainty increases largely due to Vz, thus badly impacting overall precision.
  14. The kind of video Jojo is talking about : https://dai.ly/xfpcsf
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