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  1. The I-16 spinner has the same problem like the 109... But the Anton-Spinner is fine. O_o
  2. Thank you, but there is no need to apologize :) I was mistaken too, because I assumed the Stars not moving due to the seasons not changing, which was wrong. Your answer and questions finally led to the reveal of the DCS Sky mechanics. So thank you and have a good (night) flight!
  3. My test results: The stars move, but the season don't change. I found the beautiful constellation of Orion in the west moving down below the horizon together with Sirius, the brightest star of the night skies on December the first 18:30 in Caucasus. In reality this is not possible. The move test I did with time acceleration with a positive result. In other words: The DCS world Earth is rotating around its own axis, but not around the sun. So theoretically DCS world would fall into the sun. Not sure how long this would take :) I am quite sure this time. Additional information: This i
  4. Hi there, thanks for the Information. I am not sure. I did the test on the channel map. I repeat it now with more depth at caucasus...
  5. Here are three Screenshots of DCS star constellations. They are modeled correctly, just a bit faint. On the other hand, it is not a correctly simulated night sky. The stars don't move, it's always the summer sky of the northern hemisphere showing, even in winter time... please correct my if I am wrong. Big dipper, Polaris on the lower right Scorpius, Antares the brightest star Lyra with the brightest Star Vega Will be difficult for navigation but very nice anyway! Eber
  6. Try RAZBAM Discord. Their discord not for the Mig-21 but Mig-19 and Mig-23. So it's a Mighead discord, also mentioning the Mig-21 a lot :) https://discord.gg/JWpGdCm
  7. First of all, THANK YOU! I am new to the Mig-21. I was completely shocked about the Radar-fps-issue, but the 442.50 Driver rollback saved me. Thanks! :)
  8. I waited long enough. Switched from steam to standalone :)
  9. Thanks to all. I will wait.
  10. Thank you for the answer. Is there a reason/bottleneck the steam version has to pass before it can be released?
  11. Navigation System in Multiplayer? Is the Navigation system automatically installed when jumping into a C-101 in a multiplayer server, does it have to be installed by the server, is it installable in the mission editor or in the special menu in the settings? I only play MP, so I need to know the answers before I would buy it... Edit: As I am a steam user, can I buy it at all? Thanks
  12. Hello, I would appreciate when the cockpit and external model texture quality would be adjustable individually, for example cockpit - high and externals -medium Using a mod for the Su-33 and the Viggen allows me using the high quality textures in the cockpit without having to use the general high setting in textures. Thus my DCS my PC is running smooth and immersion is high, wich is very important in multiplayer. So why not have this possibility with all planes from the start on? Thanks Eber
  13. Please bring Kiew-Class Carrier with Yak-38 and Ka-25/27! And for the enemies the Kitty Hawk
  14. Same problem with F/A-18 TRK-file: https://ufile.io/4dvbfakx
  15. Sorry for my bad english. I had to 1. give the order to place the wheel chocks, even though they were already placed and then 2. give the order to remove them wich then worked. This problem occured only in the case I earlier tried to let remove the wheel chocks while my rpm were too high for that. The ground crew refused that and than went over to behaviour that I described above. The bug is still active and is not Mig-15 specific. I just tested it in my Mig-19 on Aerobatics Online multiplayer server. Here is the TRK.file https://ufile.io/23o1czan The upload server
  16. It's authority sim. In real life you have to give the same order multiple times to make the minions obey, too :) Edit: ok seriously: i had that problem too, when I accidentally spooled up with the wheel chocks set. In that case simple remove didn't work, but place and remove.
  17. Eber

    Poor Fps

    Thanks for the information, Chapa
  18. Eber

    Poor Fps

    I have also some FPS problems with the Mig-19 on a 2D system, especially at high altitude. Maybe this has to do somehting with the ARK-5 Radio navigation system. Since I read in another thread about problems occuring with the Mig-19 espacially on caucasus map but not on other maps I thought it could be due to all the caucasus kHz radio emitting sources "bombarding" the ARK-5. Maybe there's a highly complex calculation in the background killing fps in my lower end intel-i5-processor system, which could also generate fps-problems in high demanding VR systems? I did a little video where o
  19. Hello Yo-Yo, well as I stated before I am not a pilot, just like flight sims. Well I was expecting a flight behaviour comparable to the Su-27. All these AoA details are nothing for me. If I was a real test pilot the chief engineer would hate me for my feedback ("feels like a leaf WHAT ARE YOU TELLING ME?!") :) A minute ago I just flew a round in the Mig-29 and... yea, ok... Its not as the Su-27, but its... lets say shes O.K. (keep in mind - I am just that guy in front of PC not a real pilot). She feels quite nervous, not precise... but ok. I should try some formation flying on the MP
  20. Yea in my opinion the MiG29S in DCS pitches up rapidly and "snaps" back like its was way too light. It just behaves like a leaf. You pitch up do your cobra but immediatly snap back. The plane is a nervous model plane not a 15 tons fighter jet. I posted the real Mig-29 in another thread in december: At minute 2:50 he does that legendary maneuver. thanks for your time
  21. Ok, here we go: Mig29FMissue.trk Please have a look at that flight behavior. In my opinion it is not realistic.
  22. Hello Draconus, alright. I asked for a revisit. The reason for this is documented in the video I linked in the first post. Its a strange behaviour in my opinion ("leaf in in the wind") which I can't describe with further data. If that is not enough reason for revisit and adjustment, then it's okay. Sorry for asking. I did just test the Speed of the Mig-29S in AO server and I again went faster than 3000 kph. I then opened the replay menue and saw a possible explanation for the high speed: So maybe the low pressure in the mountains fastens my plane? The Replay has a size of 18 MB,
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