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  1. I just reinstalled DCS and the popup cannot be clicked and the knobs cannot be scrolled with the mouse(the camera just zooms). I would use the keyboard shortcuts but they're hypersensitive. This hasn't happened before. In contrast the SRS overlay can be clicked and scrolling does not zoom the camera so it must be some issue with the popup.
  2. Hey Alpenwolf, could you please enable the NS430 on all your missions? Sometimes it appears and other times it doesn't. It's very flaky. Thank you.
  3. I am CORMAC in-game. Neither of us could manage to get the instructor radio to switch to anything other than the V/U setting on the knob, no matter how we turned it. The SRS overlay states "DCS Radio Switch Controls Available in Cockpit". This is true only for the pilot, not for the instructor. Is there a procedure we're missing? Is it a bug? Or is it simply not implemented?
  4. Only happens when starting at night. Transitioning from day to night doesn't reproduce it. Is not fixed by: Clicking the center of the VDI Toggling the Red Flood or White Flood switches. Toggling the HUD Filter switch. F14 Lighting Bug - Album on Imgur
  5. 1. Take control of a vehicle on Syria. 2. Take said vehicle and rub up against a base's fences. They are destroyed. 3. Try to drive through the gap just created. You can't. An invisible barrier stops you. 4. Relinquish control of the vehicle and set a waypoint beyond the barrier and into the base. 5. Watch as the vehicle casually floats through. 6. Retake control of vehicle.
  6. Yeah, I fly it every single day too. Did you also test it in combat? It's simply horrible to fly now with the latest open beta update. If you didn't experience any unusual wing rocking try fighting a BLUFOR human on the cold war servers.
  7. Why is it flying like a rabid seagull with a 10 pound shit in its ass? Is this wing rocking, barrel rolling atrocity truly the best you have? It was just fine before. A bit of a workout, sure, but not...this. You even had an entire thread on this forum thanking you for the flight model. And you go and ruin it. Why?
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