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  1. From the patch notes DCS Flaming Cliffs by ED MiG-29G. Cockpit indication doesn't work - fixed MiG-29. Large bounce after a heavy landing, no nose gear damage - fixed Su-25. Added single mission to Syria map SU-25T. SPPU-22-1 gunpad not doing any damage to light armor - added some armor piercing shells into the round rack Updated / added Instant Action missions Hadn't had a chance to test it myself, was an unexpected surprise to see in there.
  2. Pretry sure your memory is serving you right, I also remember FC adding the 25T as the test bed for AFM. Edit: Upon reading the Flaming Cliffs section of the website you were definitely remembering right; Product Overview New product features include: All the capabilities of "LockOn: Modern Air Combat". Addition of the Su-25T as a player-flyable aircraft.
  3. Finding myself in a situation where I'm currently stuck using the exact same GPU what I can tell you is basically leave the radeon driver settings at default, goes into the DCS settings and hit the Low preset, turn the normal textures option to high, if you fly mostly newer modules you can try medium but it's an unreadable mess on older ones. Make sure ground shadows are off, regular shadows you can set to low with minimal impact. Pretty much turning anything else up or on its going to be noticeable. Outside of larger cities, as long as the CPU can keep up, you can expect it to hold 20-25 a
  4. Having been through a similar scenario, as long as you remember your DCS e-shop username to be able to recover you're password, then you're all set. If the profile contains an A-10C key from the open beta then your NTTR key was automatically added to your profile.
  5. If the airfoil on the horizontal stabilizers is like most traditional ones, they actually generate a downward force, so losing the right stabilizer would result in the left stabilizer generating an unopposed downward force on the left side. Sorry I'm on mobile so can't really throw together a good diagram
  6. Silly question time; Have you tried unchecking "Disable Aero Interface" if you haven't already? I seem to remember that being a common issue when that feature was first implemented.
  7. Well, it's definitely still the official RCAF designation, I'm guessing it was just to emphasize that they weren't really stock A models. http://www.rcaf-arc.forces.gc.ca/v2/equip/cf18/index-eng.asp
  8. I think that's been the official designation for them since day 1, just nobody ever actually calls them that.
  9. I get that a tiny bit with the pitch axis as well, I hardly notice it when flying though.
  10. edit: ninja'd, leaving this up for handy youtube link The Afterburner detent is "off" by default, the manual has instructions on how to use the included allan key to install it if you like. There's also a tutorial floating around on youtube, And the speedbrake function is normal, that way when you're retracting the brakes you can basically just set it and forget.
  11. Will DCS World be looking for a BS2 key? or will a regular BS key also work?
  12. Another possibly new thing in DCS World, at least I don't remember seeing it in previous products, bullets riccochet off bodies of water and you can see the secondary splashes when they fall back down.
  13. I know you guys don't like giving firm answers, but hopefully the team can look into adding a seperate setting for cockpit textures so anyone unable to make the jump from 32bit can still at least keep the cockpit sharp and clear?
  14. Chiming in another X52 to TM Warthog here, was like a night and day difference. Granted I also already had usb rudder pedals so losing that feature was no issue. Honestly though, this thing is worth every penny to me.
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