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  1. Hello, I am trying to control a virtual joystick (vjoy) using Helios. A button pressed via touch in Helios should e.g. simulate the virtual DX button 1 in the virtual joystick. Is that possible?
  2. Hallo, ich versuche mittels Helios einen virtuellen Joystick (vjoy) anzusteuern. Ein über Touch gedrückter Button in Helios soll z.B. den virtuellen DX Button 1 im viruellen Joystick simulieren. Geht das überhaupt? Andersrum gehts in Helios... Gruß Alex
  3. I received the great device a few days ago...I like it very much!!! :-) Thank you!!! Greets Cop
  4. I have a problem with my Huion H1060P. The version before I had no problems...same drivers like in new version. In the new version I can use my pencil and write, but I can`t use the 6 buttons anymore. In the setup screen for the buttons I can click in left "new" text fields, but only a red flash appear...no options to chose...the old button names disappeared. On the right side I can choose options... No infos in the manual about the new button setup. Any help how to use the buttons? Thx.... Cop
  5. Ok, thank you for the info... I will try it...
  6. mmmh...the problem I have, I cant proof the resistence of the potentiometers of the micro stick. So it is a gambling...I think it would fit inside... Thx for the link...
  7. Hi, the micro stick on my Throttle is broken. Does anyone know where to get replacement? Greets Cop
  8. Sorry, I dont know why. I only changed the USB Port of the tablett and installed a new USB 3.0 PCIe Card on the board. Eventually this caused the change?
  9. I don't know why, but the problem is gone? The last few times it worked as it should. I just want let you know... Greets...
  10. I have a problem with "book marks". Every time when I touch "add bookmark" with my pen, It adds 20 same book marks and I have to delete 19 book marks. Any setting solution, that a touch only add 1 book mark? I have a Huion H1060P...special drivers from VRK Tool. Greets...
  11. ...in helios, define keypress "press" and "release". Then it should works as expected. Its a workaround for standard keypress. cu
  12. Please, add me to the list. Greets Cop23rd
  13. Hallo Feuerfalke, danke für die Info! Habe alle erdenklichen Varianten mit REVISE mal durchgespielt und hatte keinen Erfolg. Vielleicht kannst du es mal in ein paar Schritten darstellen, wenn es bei dir klappen sollte. @Butcher Jep, das habe ich auch herausgefunden. Deine geschilderte Lösung ist kein schlechter Workaround. cu Alex
  14. hehehe....euch alte Knacker findet man ja in jedem Forum, falls Butcher der ist, den ich von den 1st GUNS her kenne! :thumbup: Schön mal wieder von euch alten Haudegen zu hören! ... :joystick: cu Alex
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