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  1. The VF-6 fighting Six. This scheme is a tribute and commemoration of the airmen on both sides that fought in the Pacific theatre in WW2. Lt. Alex Vraicu achieved 19 kills in his Grumman F6 while flying in VF6 - the Fighting Six. After a number of name changes to US Navy squadrons in and after WW2, VF6 ended up being VF3 and later, VF31 - The Tomcatters. So the F6 that fought in the Battle of The Philippine Sea could be considered to be both a technical, and spiritual granddaddy to the F14 Tomcat that flew in VF31, the last unit to fly the Tomcat. The actual F6 Hellcat "WHITE 19" still flies to
  2. It's already up my friend!
  3. The brand new F16 paint scheme from Forth Worth, the 457th FS 75th Anniversary bird will soon be available for download from the ED website User Files area. Stunning scheme, thanks to Caulun Belcher https://www.instagram.com/txavgeek/?hl=en for the amazing photos and Thomas Vercauteren for the equally awesome screenshots!!
  4. I'm just about to upload the 75th anniversary scheme to user files
  5. Hi, you can delete the tail codes and anything else from the template. Have you got the F15C texture template from the DCS downloads section?
  6. Yes, an edit to the roughmet layer can change the way it appears. This is a shot of an edit I have done.
  7. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3312821/?sphrase_id=4292841 Death Rider Lives!
  8. I saw this thred and am working on this skin. There are no hi-res references, so it is mostly guesswork!
  9. very amusing, informative, and not too serious...gaming is meant to be fun, after all!
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