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  1. It is a BRILLIANT plan... if we cant play it, we cant complain about how broken it is!!?
  2. updated and now cant play as I cant log in and it has disabled all of my modules.... brilliant
  3. Thanks, got it working now. I don't use any mods, however I do use Tacview and SRS, which both have entries in the export.lua. I got it working by deleting the export.lua and letting VA/Vaicom rebuild it, with nothing else in it. I'll wait until after the next update before reintroducing Tacview and SRS in to the mix...
  4. I run standalone and have tried all of the above. It now lets me load DCS with VA/Vaicom running, however still doesn't work, by that I mean I can speak the commands, they are registered in the text box within VA, however the next line is "unit not available"...
  5. Cheers to everyone for the tips, especially Japo. I run standalone and use Vaicom with AIRIO, have done without issue for ages. Updated to 2.5.6 and got the 10% bug. Tried everything I could with lua, export files etc. Using the custom path and checking the OB box now let's me load in to DCS, however when I try using Vaicom the commands are registered by VA, however I am just informed the unit is not available... this applies to all commands, including AIRIO. Anyone else had this?
  6. Hello I have been searching for hours and can't find another post regarding a similar problem. I have purchased a WarBRD base. I have downloaded the latest version of the config software (VPC_Software_Setup [20191105] Release Date: 5th November 2019) and following the instructions carried out the firmware update, however when I go to create a profile and select the base/grip the only choice for the base I get is VPC BRD Pedals. This obviously prevents me from continuing with the setup. I have tried using older versions of the software (July 2019), running as admin, un
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