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  1. The same thing is happening to me. I get instructed to do a case I approach but then my autoresponse is for a case III and I have the case III options in the ATC menu instead of "see you at 10."
  2. It's working perfectly for me. Just a little bit of lag in the mission editor. I suggest running a repair before using it though. Might help
  3. Hello Yukla 27, I am from Joint Task Force Heavy https://www.jointtaskforceheavy.org/ Based on what you stated, we have everything you are looking for. When it's necessary, like in our campaign, we are serious about what we do when we're flying. And when we're not keeping it serious for our sorties, we have the occasional airshow or canyon run in the Nevada Map. There is no elitism here. If you are still looking for squadrons check us out here: https://www.jointtaskforceheavy.org/
  4. Can you explain this better? I’m a bit confused on how to remove the bort number.
  5. https://www.jointtaskforceheavy.org/ We want you!
  6. Don't we already have AI ships that can be used to escort the carrier? I don't see the need to add more ships as we already have them in-game. After all, it is the supercarrier and not the naval ship asset pack.
  7. Can you explain this post to me? I am a bit confused about what that PDF says?
  8. I know that, but some of the switches on the throttle quadrant don’t work how I want them to. For example, when I am opening and closing the refueling probe on the hornet, I have to push it forward for it to come out, but when I push it back to close, it doesn’t work. I have to push it forward again to close it and have it read as an input.
  9. I just got my new Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS and I would like each switch to work as a button. It seems like right now, Only one side of the switches are actually working as an input for the game. I am looking for somebody to help with programming this in the Target software, or somebody to send me their device profile.
  10. Is it possible for them to make it similar to the one X-Plane has? That one has a really nice replay system except for the fact that some controls are messed up.
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