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  1. I would pay for it just to have all of these features but would probably never play the C&C stuff.
  2. Units available affected by mission date, only show what was in service at that time. Would need to be optional of course. When selected the fictional stuff would also disappear (A-10Cs in Russian coalition for example).
  3. Shorter missions are fine, not every mission needs long loiter time. One pass, haul ass. Having a mix is ideal. I would argue about shortening the ingress though. You've done a great job with providing interesting dialogue and other tricks to keep us players interested before fence in. The Mirage Red Flag was great in this regard. I would like to see a bit more for the return flight as well, maybe that's harder because it's impossible to know if the AI will survive or not?
  4. Incredible work! Such a great choice for a module and just feels right in DCS. You guys realize you just raised the bar for ED? SFM but still has most important functions clickable. THIS is what the FC3 craft should be! No more memorizing ridiculous key combos for basic tasks!! S!
  5. Really enjoyed this campaign. Your work really shines with the great briefings, voiceover work, and interesting missions. Can't wait for what you do in the Persian Gulf map! I'm looking forward to a more wide open war with lots of stuff going on around (other packages going other places, LOTS of targets, etc). Both of your Mirage campaigns have been kind of small scale focused affairs, I'd like to take the Mirage into something even bigger!
  6. It's working for me now in the latest open beta. It's very nice being able to read things at a fast glance and not have to think about it. The warning light panel is now usable as well!
  7. Finally some good news! Look forward to testing when I get home from work. One step closer to finishing their first plane. Keep it up Razbam!
  8. Any updates in the patch today? English cockpit added yet?
  9. Su-25 (not T): only capable of 3 waypoints. I see this often on MP missions mostly, very frustrating because only 3 will be selectable.
  10. I think it's somewhere between early access and complete, too much left to be finished to call complete. Let's call it Purgatory.
  11. Am I the only one dying to click those switches and buttons?
  12. Did the English cockpit get added today? Or any other updates? Can't check, at work.
  13. Really weird that they stated on the monthly video that it was implemented but it clearly isn't. The only other update they've done recently does actually work for me--hud brightness. Running most recent version of the open beta here.
  14. Good news: the newest open beta patch has fixed my issue. New issue: dealing with some wicked Gazelles! :megalol:
  15. Thanks for trying. Must be something on my end then. Edit: just realized you said release version. I'm on open beta. I haven't had time to do a repair and retry it, will advise when I do.
  16. Thanks for the fast response! Only mods I'm using are Mustang's texture mods for the Caucasus and PG maps. Not sure if any of that spills over into NTTR. I don't remember ever having DCS crash on NTTR either in your missions or elsewhere. I made through 10 of your missions which all take off the same direction. Main unusual thing in this mission is the crosswind. I've been sending the crash reports so maybe if it's something on the DCS side they'll fix it. I will be sure to run a repair before attempting again.
  17. I've tried mission 11 twice now and both times my DCS has crashed at the same exact place. It happened both times during climbout to waypoint 1. Maybe just a bit past the racetrack. There's every chance that it is a bug with DCS but it also makes me wonder if there is a comm that happens then that is causing the crash. At this point I was on channel 1 red (initial) and had already switched to departure (5) on green (both crashes). Did I switch to departure too early maybe?
  18. I prefer MP, but honestly MP in DCS is not that great. Super unrealistic scenarios, missions are usually very basic with no randomness (enemies are always in the same exact place), no AI performing other tasks throughout the theatre. Rarely even have SAM coverage over friendly territory. The ones that you spawn missions with F10 are the worst, you know exactly what is coming your way. I like campaigns better in DCS lately, Baltic's being the best. I just finished mission 10 of the Mirage Red Flag. Looking forward to the Gulf Mirage Campaign!
  19. Any make it in today's update? English pit for instance?
  20. TrackIR! It sends CONSTANT inputs during my flights, far more than any of my other peripherals.
  21. Pretty sure that because it's on Steam doesn't mean it's out of early access. You can get the F/A-18 for instance... Too much left to be finished on the Mirage to be considered a fully released product. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy the Mirage. I'm just one of those people who doesn't like loose ends. Finish your work and then go full force into your next endeavor (AV-8).
  22. Yeah English cockpit is no biggie, I've learned enough French to get by. Would love to see this plane make it out of early access though. Come on, Razbam...this is low hanging fruit!
  23. Anything in today's patch for the Mirage?
  24. I tried joining last night without success. I get the super long load time issue where the slot selection screen goes blurry for about 10 minutes. After that my screen goes black and unresponsive, only thing I can do is close DCS with Task Manager. Pretty sure this is because my install is not on an SSD and I only have 16gb of RAM. I will not give up, I'll try dropping some settings and see if I can get in. Had the same problem with the Caucasus version of this mission at first, eventually I started being able to join. Once in, everything runs fine.
  25. VapoR

    O-2A Skymaster

    I'd be curious to see how an O-2 vs. OV-10 poll would go.
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