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  1. No i meant to control both throttle separately with buttons instead of axis, like the picture i attached, from the FC3 F15
  2. Hello, i have a TWCS throttle, because of that i can only assign one axis and i can only control both engines at the same time. That's why it would be amazing if HB could add two buttons for left and right engine, like the FC3 aircrafts (F15C And Sukhois), that would surely not take alot of time and would be very useful for us that only have an one axis throttle ! Thanks
  3. I can confirm i have the same problem, i tried with various settings (max visibility range, low / high preload radius, performance / quality cockpit, texture quality) it's always the same, both in SP and Multiplayer. However sometime, i could see the ground, and the distance between me and the target doesn't seem to be the cause since i both got access to the missile's camera at 10 nm from the target and 55 nm and i couldn't tell any differences, the ground was mostly transparent. And like you've said, buildings / ground appear when switching to narrow view, however it doesn't work always fo
  4. It works perfectly now, i had to reverse the two edges of the spring like on my first image . Thanks for telling me where to put it :)
  5. Thanks for your help ! The yaw axis is now working alot better but there is a zone where it can be moved but it will not recenter automatically . I will try to put the spring on the other side and see what happen !
  6. Hello, I tried to "wash" my T flight stick because the yaw axis was buggy . But now i am stuck at the point where i have to attach the little spring to the left part of my stick : I don't know where i have to put the two edges of my spring . I don't speak english well so here is two photos : The "spring" : And the left side of my stick : Because of this problem my yaw axis is not functionning correctly ( i don't have the twist effect ) :/ Can someone explain me where i have to put those two edges please ?
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