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  1. On ingress, I like having EW on my LDDI but part of my fence in procedure is switching it to my HUD. Stores or AZ/EL or TGP on the left after that, depending on circumstance.
  2. Thanks, everyone. I fiddled around with it last night, and, while I would love to ripple 4 off super easy, ripple 2, switch to PP2 on each station, ripple 2 wasn't as onerous as I expected.
  3. Hi All, just wanted to check and make sure I am not missing something... I have 4x GBU-38s loaded on stations 2 and 7, two per pylon and have 4 targets I want to hit in PP Mode. - For station 2 I enter two coordinates and for station 7 I enter the other two. - I set my release quantity to two by selecting station 2 and station 7. - Once in LAR, I hit pickle and release two bombs. - Now what? Select PP2, step, Select PP2, Pickle? That seems a little clunky to me... Is there a better way to get the bombs off faster? I think the main problem is
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