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  1. This should now be fixed in OB. Let me know if you have any further problems
  2. replicated - it depends on the view settings on the server : Map only = Visible My A/C = Visible Fog of War = Not visible Allies only = Not visible Reported
  3. What server type are you using - i am looking now in dedi -norender, and can not click on opposing bases. Thanks
  4. Having watched you track, you did not wait for full alignment of the bombs - you launched at 06/07 Marginal alignment. It is always best to wait until the weapons are fully aligned. Thanks
  5. Hi - attempted to replicate, and if you unbox EXP, then all returns to normal. Will check the correct behaviour. I have replicated RWS replacing map. Thanks
  6. I have tried to reproduce too in OB. No Luck. Tried fresh mission, and also your track - vid of your track- . Thanks
  7. Lots of work is currently being done on the WW2 bombers, so this will be fixed as part of that. Thanks
  8. Can you please provide a track showing the issues, and i will investigate. Thanks
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