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  1. Thats all well and good but can you imagine how much his wife is nagging?? "Honey, I want my kitchen back and I want it back NOW! Its been 5 years!" *Disclaimer: I am not saying that women belong in the kitchen. For the sake of digging this hole any deeper I will now stop talking.
  2. Critcism is always a good thing when it is constructive. If I was outside the 159th looking in (as GG is) I would probably say the same things. Well done Spetz for your work on this, everyone has to start somewhere (even Glowing AMRAAM had to start somewhere!) The movie IS NOT intended as a recruiting tool. Rather a member of the LOMAC community (Spetz) trying his hand at making a movie (it just happens to feature the 159th).
  3. As Hi Hat has correctly stated the skins are for 159th use only Im afraid. Just a little something to give us some identity in LOMAC land. Thanks for your comments on the skins, 159th_Invicta takes the credit for updated the Su-33 and creating the 25T. We are always open to recruiting although there is a procedure in place to prevent folks joining JUST for the skin. It has been a busy RW time for us so I apologise for not being contactable.
  4. Hi All I have a question which I hope some of you ME gurus may be able to answer. If I place (for instance) an MLRS or any other of the arty systems and assign it to fire on a target at a given time, is that system able to fire again during the mission? I notice kit has reload times stated in the encyclopedia section. If the arty fires on Target One, will it fire on Target Two once the reload time has passed? Cheers
  5. I have been involved in a DIRCM trial and its a good system, the detection methods used the distinctive IR sig of a launch. As for the 'standard' detectors Crusty, the ones I work with are Very good and very reliable.
  6. Are any of the aircraft in LOMAC fitted with a DIRCM system IRL?
  7. There is the difference, of course, between spamming (8 AIM-120's in 3 seconds) and the 'ripple fire' tactic. Please note the word tactic. Spamming, in the eyes of the majority of players that I have seen, read & talked to, is annoying to say the least. It cheapens the victory of your opponent. I doubt anyone has ever congratulated them with a 'GK' message afterwards and surely that is the best compliment one can receive? An acknowledgement from your foe that, yes, you flew and fought well and deserved your victory. To be hit by a spammer, (and spare me the 'what are you doing in range
  8. "We shall defend your right to have babies, even if he can't, which is no-ones fault, not even the Romans" "Whats the point? Whats the point of defending his right to have babies if he can't have babies?" "It is symbolic of our struggle against oppression!" "It's symbolic of his struggle against reality..."
  9. Are you talking about the realism levels we all play at or how we employ our chosen aircraft? I'm just asking so I can disagree with you early on! lol
  10. Atlantic Conveyor was sunk by an Exocet ASM. Her most valuable cargo, Chinook helicopters, went with her. I dont honestly know if she carried any Harriers. Funny how threads wander isn't it? Oh, and thats a very valid question Sharpshooter.
  11. In the Falklands example do not forget that the RAF Harrier was also employed for most of the 'mud moving' freeing the Sea Harrier for what it was built for..CAPs. Of course, you *could* argue that the RAF Harrier was never designed to operate from a Royal Navy ship...I would say the aircraft was, just not the pilot.
  12. For shots of our recent training flight look here: http://159thgdsavnregt.forumsplace.com/message12.html Our 2 newest Strike Wing pilots doing a good job.
  13. As with most things I imagine a re-write of the ground units AI would be quite a task.
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