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  1. This happens to me too, with FAB-100s on MERs. Drop all 8, but 6 remain on the pylon. They can't be dropped, but the pylon, including the bombs, can still be ripped off by excessive g-loads. fab100merbug.trk
  2. First off, overall it's a fantastic module, and I appreciate all the hard work that Leatherneck has put into it. It's beautiful. But it does seem strange that the magic ASP altitude data and 25% rudder authority on the ground are concessions for the sake of gameplay. Without even referring to the example of the (presumably far wider in their appeal) Fw-190 and Bf-109 modules, which even many deeply experienced simmers find extremely difficult to get off the runway in, just on its own the MiG-21 presents so many other peculiar challenges (flimsy pylons, proneness to negative-g flameout, alcohol-cooled radar that barely outranges the 23mm cannon, etc.) that the limitations of the gunsight and awkward differential braking seem like they would disappear into the background for someone who wasn't already a fanatic.
  3. I messed around with this for a while - the engine will start with no pumps, but for the throttle to be set at higher than idle, at least the drain tank pump must be switched on, and with that switched on you can go to maximum RPM and afterburner, at least for awhile. I've included a (very boring) track showing (I think) that the engine will stop above idle with either or both of the first or third fuel tank group pumps switched on but with the drain tank pump switched off. fuel pumps.trk
  4. I just checked this out. Yes, it will start without switching the fuel pumps on, and I'm pretty sure before this version, a few times I couldn't start the plane until I figured out that I'd forgotten the pumps during the startup sequence. However, in the current version, once the plane is fully started without switching on the fuel pumps, if you advance the throttle it increases RPM a little and then the engine stops. So the pumps are not necessary for startup, but are for RPM above idle. I assume this is a bug/error, unless there's some system in the engine that provides enough fuel pressure to start but not maintain operating RPM...?
  5. Nice chart, thanks! To get it in the kneeboard put it in: DCS World/Mods/aircraft/MiG-21BIS/Cockpit/KNEEBOARD/indicator/CONTENT
  6. I've been wondering about this too. Possibly related, it does seem as if the pitot tubes can't fail. If I'm understanding the systems correctly (that's a big "if"), the ASP in the absence of radar is entirely dependent on gyroscope and pitot tube data to estimate slant range. If I disable the gyros, the range needle on the scales at the bottom of the gunsight stops working (along with a lot of other things). But if I set instant pitot tubes failure in a mission, it still continues to work. As does the IAS gauge and barometric altimeter. However, the mission debrief shows a pitot tubes failure. I did some mountain flying too and the barometric and radar altitudes were going in opposite directions as I ascended yet got closer to the surface, which seems correct. And then there was some weirdness that I couldn't repeat where the throttle pipper/radar rotator (which I have mapped to a hat switch on a CH throttle controller) would move the ASP range scale needle. Also I repeatedly confirmed that 6g is about the limit for FAB-100 MERs and UB-16 pods. :rolleyes:
  7. Purchased. I knew I'd wind up buying it eventually but the trailer, the first look from Froogle, and all the pre-purchasers here made me pull the trigger. Looks fantastic.
  8. Huh. I have never been so frustrated and baffled by a sim. But, on the other hand, I have never purchased an Eagle Dynamics product that didn't eventually wind up being well-worth the time sunk into it. So, anyhow, I've tried every gimmicky and not-so-gimmicky technique I've seen here, thought up myself, and various combinations thereof. Full flaps, tail-heavy trim, stand on the rudder, dance the brakes, MW-50 + full throttle the second I enter the cockpit, not locking the tailwheel, and so forth. But as it turns out the official method appears to work. I thought that's what I was doing originally, but maybe not. Stick back to lock the tailwheel, slowly advance the throttle to 2500-3000rpm, while using rudder to keep centered on the runway. At around 170km/h, center the stick, and it gets airborne. Maybe the gentle buildup of speed, gentle centering of the stick, and gentle control inputs as the aircraft takes off are the key. Also, it seems like right rudder only - center the rudder to correct left, but don't apply left rudder. And as you center the stick, you can kind of feel the plane's control surfaces (other than the rudder) getting some tentative authority, although at that moment it's still very departure-prone. More practice is required, but for the first time I'm seeing fairly consistent results.
  9. It's possible or even likely that it's user error, but it does seem hard to believe that the aircraft was accepted for service if this takeoff behavior is realistic. Predictable, stable and responsive in all flight regimes except for a fleeting interval during the takeoff run where absolutely no margin for error exists. Of course, these people also accepted for service a rocket interceptor with hypergolic propellants armed with cannon whose muzzle velocity was barely twice the aircraft's maximum speed. :D For the record, I have auto-rudder and takeoff assist off, I use rudder pedals, I have confirmed that there are no axis conflicts, no funny curves or deadzones, I move all the controls before starting the takeoff run to clear out any positional memory from the previous attempt, and so forth. I have managed perhaps three successful takeoffs out of who knows how many attempts. I got this frustrated with the Huey and Mi-8 at times, but all the while I knew what I was doing wrong and had a path forward to improve. With the FW-190, no matter what, drift off to one side, the left wing drops, and boom. I get the best results with the tailwheel locked by full rear stick deflection and centering the stick at 60-100 km/h, correcting direction with brakes and rudder, but it still seems either random or requiring an impossibly precise control input that I happened to drift through at exactly the right second by sheer luck whenever I manage to get airborne. In any case, early days. It's a great module, I'm glad I bought it and both the software and user knowledge base will improve as time goes by.
  10. So far so good, but is there any way to disable the rendering of the crew when in the cockpit?
  11. Four views of the same event. It's not perfect, but it's more or less a loop, and I didn't break the helicopter (until my second attempt during the same flight). Sim mode, 25% fuel, all done from within the cockpit. I used the technique I hazily recalled from the Ka-50 - dive to maximum speed, climb while gradually maxing out the collective, drop collective to zero at the apex of the loop, try to keep centered on the exit. Nice Aeroflot skin by kolyakar, by the way.
  12. Great work everyone, thanks! How about a Gazpromavia companion to the Rosneft-Aviashelf skin?
  13. It's definitely important to pay attention to altitude and speed when releasing bombs. This is how I learned that severe tire damage is in fact modeled in DCS: Mi-8MTV2. :D
  14. I was wondering about this, thanks for posting. Deleting the keyboard.lua worked for me. Actually, the setting of the "pod variant" rotary switch matters. Setting "II" is if you have six bombs loaded, there are other positions for a mixture of bombs and rockets, etc. I actually managed to land a FAB-500 close enough to a vehicle to destroy it.
  15. You might be able to copy and then rename one of the existing Russian liveries and change the faction in the .lua file with Notepad++.
  16. Soviet/Russian aircraft weapons and sensors - "There's a pod for that™." It's cool and fun and all that but I am trying to picture the actual real-world military situation where this weapon would actually be more useful than rockets or gunpods. I mean, it's certainly effective against infantry and unarmored vehicles, but you have to be very low and close, even by helicopter standards.
  17. I can confirm that this works. It's probably of limited utility, but it must be admitted that it kind of rules. Based on my informal "testing", the only trick to enabling it is the covered switch Slazi refers to, to the right of the 4-position GUV 800/624/622, etc. switch - the other ones don't appear to matter. As far as I can tell, the elevation can't be adjusted, but that might be useful. On the other hand, the muzzle velocity is so low and the range so short they might already be set to the optimum angle.
  18. I was mainly wondering if it was user-editable. I looked through a lot of .luas with Notepad++ and I didn't see anything that seemed to refer to it, although it's entirely possible I missed it. Again, not a big deal at all (definitely animate the fans first!) but if it happened to be user-editable it would be convenient for mission-building.
  19. Hi, I'm wondering if there's a lua one can edit to change the settings of various switches and systems on the Mi-8 when one begins a mission using "takeoff from runway" as the first waypoint, or is that buried deeply in the code somewhere? When doing this, the aircraft spawns with various external lights and the master arm "on", but all the circuit breakers for the weapons systems and the pitch/roll autopilot channel "off". Obviously not a big deal, as I know how to engage/disengage everything and usually start from the ramp anyway, but sometimes for various reasons it's nice to just be ready to take off without any further preparation. Thanks for any information.
  20. Just installed and activated it tonight. I've been enjoying the Huey (although it's extraordinarily difficult for me to fly compared to other DCS aircraft for various reasons), but I needed to go back to my first love, something with a baffling wall of Cyrillic-labeled switches and knobs. It's pretty stellar, even in beta form. And having some experience with the Ka-50 and now UH-1H, it seems comparatively easy to fly, and is good and sturdy. Although I'm familiar with and fond of the Hip, I wasn't initially interested in flying what I had thought of as a good but somewhat dull aircraft in detailed sim form, but I couldn't be happier with my purchase. It's definitely not dull.
  21. I had the same issue. Fortunately, the procedure is simple enough compared to other DCS titles that I figured it out from written guides, etc. I can't find the engine start button, either. I'm able to do everything else by clicking in the virtual cockpit but I have to use "Home" for that. Is there actually a clickable button?
  22. As of Thursday, November 3, the Best Buy in Roseville, MN, had three copies. When I left the store, they had two.
  23. Okay, good to know. I may leave it on there for a while in case I need to reinstall for some reason, and it doesn't take up too much space. Thanks again for the help and information, everyone!
  24. Whew, thanks folks. Installing the 1.01c patch was my mistake, I think. Just for fun I ran CCleaner, and then installed the base Black Shark, LOMAC, and Flaming Cliffs 2 programs from the DVDs and then ran patch 1.02. I didn't need to use any activations, everything installed fine (although that patch does take forever to initialize), and it runs great off the SSD. One question, though: Is it okay to uninstall LOMAC now? Thanks again, the help is much appreciated.
  25. So, I just installed an Intel 120GB SSD. I uninstalled Black Shark and Flaming Cliffs 2 and installed them on the SSD, and everything was horribly botched. I must have done something wrong in the install order, or who knows what. Here's the specifics: My SSD is drive "G". Windows 7 Home Premium remains on the HDD, as I don't want to start from scratch with whole computer unless I have to. I have the following: The retail DVDs of Black Shark, Lock On, Flaming Cliffs, and Flaming Cliffs 2.0, as well as patches 1.01a, 1.01c, and 1.02. In what order should I install them, and what sort of directory on the SSD should they be installed to? The SSD is formatted as a simple volume with drive letter "G". FSX runs fine from it. As far as I can tell, I have removed all traces of previous installations, but I haven't messed with the registry. Any advice, and thanks in advance.
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