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  1. download with credit card payment option is the best solution imho paypal doesn't work for all countries, therefore if paypal would be the only way of obtaining 1.1 abroad Federation, players in several countries will not be able to purchase it at all! :?
  2. well ... immobile tank on a modern battlefield is a dead tank actually .....
  3. "The T-72 absically being an export tank, T-62 domestic" It's not like this :) T62 is derivative of T55 family - designed in 1957 (object 165). It started it's service in Red Army in 1962. The first version of T72 started it's service in 1973. So it's much more modern and powerful in terms of both armour and armament than old T62. Essentially, T62 in comparison to T72 is an obsolete tank. I think speaking about 'domestic' tank you have meant T64 which was never exported indeed. T64 was a modern, innovative tank being a top of red armour spear in eastern germany and hungary - these ta
  4. well ..... ok ... immediately after upgrading flanker family physics model to su25T model standard :wink:
  5. upgrading su27/33 first here I would love to see all planes in LOmac modelled like su25T in 1.1 is. Both in terms of physics model and realistic avionics. Then, there will be a time for developing new aircrafts IMHO ... I do not consider adding new aircrafts as determinant of sim development. For me personally, sim with 4-5 really well modelled planes is far much better than sim with 30 poorly modelled planes developed only to satisfy expectations of simmers from all the countries ... Quality matters. Not quantity. Quantity is the quality's worst enemy As for adding new planes a
  6. "nobody considered B-25 as a naval plane... in real-life" ok ... one single case, start only - no carrier landing planned, with no armour/armament and several other things :wink: You know the story behind "Besides the undercarriage of Su-25 AFM is modelled within the real plane limitations..." That's great. Really impressive strength 8) I admire the way gear works in 1.1 videos. Stunning modelling indeed
  7. Well ... naval, carrier based aircrafts have to have specific features which land based planes don't have ... the most obvious is arresting hook and reinforced gear, but there are many others ... look at the su33. It is not just flanker with an arresting hook. Basically, it's different aircraft. So even if landing in su25T on the Kuz's deck is theoretically possible from physical point of view (taking into consideration only landing speed/carrier speed/landing run/wind speed/impact of chute, brakes, ramp etc.), this is not naval aircraft definitely. So let's treat this landing (BTW it's
  8. You are absolutely right Alfa. Current designations are developed exactly in the way you have described. Yo-Yo => it's ok with me - this can be possible from the theoretical point of view. Great to be able to prove it in "practice" with physics model developed for 1.1. This throws me to my knees :P :P :P Anybody tried it in real-life ...? :wink:
  9. That's it :D I was not aware of other planes carrier landing capabilities :wink: of course you are right as for abbreviations (I mean present abbreviations) - I made it ad hoc in my head as carrier (K) version of training (UB) aircraft :D But this was correct for the '70ties. This "K" in russian abbreviations is pretty tricky as it stands for "naval" sometimes (e.g. MiG29K), but also for "commercial" :D So Su25K currently stands for export version of Su 25 I agree. But initially (mid '70ties) this was the designation for planned ship-based version (factory designation T8-
  10. Hi all! :) I would like to address in-game Su39 carrier landing capabilities. As all of you know, in LOMAC 1.02 Su39 (which is an export version of Su25TM) is able to land on the Kuzniecow's deck, despite it has no arrestor hook. What is even more unrealistic, arrestor cables behave like there would be arrestor hook in the aircraft's equipment. I mean it catches the plane and stretches while stopping it (screens on demand :) ) Well ... the only one existing carrier Su25 version is Su25UBK, while Su25K project was terminated ... So the question arises ... will Su39 be able to l
  11. Hmmmm .. does it mean that 1.1 will be 2 CDs big ...? And its downloadable version will be as sizeable as well ... ? I hope downloadable version will not be 'limited' or 'cut' in comparison to 'full', CD based version ... Any input from ED side ..?
  12. Try this: http://gra.midco.net/mlgould/ i'm sure you'll find at least some of the panels you are looking for
  13. Thanks Chizh! That solves the problem :D BTW its very interesting that only one axis is controlled without affecting accuracy Just checked it in LOMAC 1.02. Wikhr flies straight ahead to the target. I suppose this is due to simplificated modelling of this missile. Am I right? Concerning Wikhr guidance - the information about it was in a book about russian rocket/missile weaponry issued in Poland in 2000. That is the source of the mistake among polish users I think :D
  14. Shkval's features are: - 2 TV channels - line of sight stabilizing and guidance gyro system - laser range finder and target illuminator - laser beam riding guidance system - computer processing data - integrated automatic test equipment - capability of being integrated with radar, thermal imaging system and integrated nav system To allow use of the station at night, it can be fitted with Mercury LLTV system cool stuff heh? :wink:
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