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  1. Meatwagon Gaming Community Who are we: We are a north American based general gaming community with a few members from other continents as well, comprised of players of various games including DCS World players. We are a startup community that is organizing into several aircraft type based squadrons organizing into several sub groups to coordinate within a liberation campaign. What can we do for you: If you are new to DCS World we can and will train and teach you to the best of our abilities. If you play other games, there's a decent chance you'll find somebody to team up with and play those games as well. Interested? Check out our Squadron Page for more information at:
  2. further more IIRC the person who starts the machine (Pilot) is prohibited from leaving the vehicle. so with that sense it wouldn't be open because you didn't just climb in, you've been there all that time. :D
  3. i'm unsure if you've seen this yet if so then disregard this but here is some info on LUA export with a few examples on Radios, weapons and ekran. eaglewiki (in case you get motivated by the community) :) hmm it seems i was in error or something because with the idea of running it through a command prompt window the old school way :D it runs flawlessly each and every time. i haven't actually play tested it yet all i've really done was load it up with a few channels, jumped in the sim, tested it out and was very shocked how fast it reacted to the channel change commands. i will definitely give it more testing once my friends get the german patch after its released so then we can start some real testing of this.
  4. hey zokier i like how quick your package reacts to switching the channels over TsSimComms with its up to 5 seconds delay (unless i'm doing something wrong that i don't know about.) even though its also very nice. anyways i just wanted to ask a question in the form of: do you plan on expanding this with more simulation value like mute/move players that have no power to their radios either from the switch not being on or from damage (like TsSimComms)? also i'm unsure if its just me or not but starting the dcs_mumble.exe is sometimes a game of luck. i would set it all up and be ready to start that so i can start playing (start mumble, connect to the server, then run your .exe)and the CMD window would close immediately so i just wait and try to open it and its another 50\50 chance of opening it and eventually i manage to get it open and running very nicely. if its just me then it might be the Vista Ultimate x64 thats playing a game of chance with me :(. all in all though nice job.
  5. not quite. the sounds work flawlessly but the only problem is you lose the new Trimmer Click sounds of the trimmer mechanism unless you modify one of the .cfg files inside the mod, i think it was sounds.cfg. but other than that it works with no problem. Edit: interesting link. good thing i can read german :)
  6. i'm everything but not new. *not offended just clarification* i just don't post much is all ;) i only keep track of things i actually play and since i don't play flaming cliffs i didn't know they were working on 2 products. kind of sad to see the 9 month plan go down but i kinda expected it for some odd reason. i guess the longer development time the better the game is gonna be :). well time to mark the days on the calender and count down the days to 2010 while i climb into the shark :D. see you guys around.
  7. the FAQ (i know its old and some info is inaccurate) on the site states that the plan was to release a new module every like 9 months but according to the above its not. which is the correct source of information now? Source 5th Question nice screens though. i can't wait for the A-10C. i especially like the Spangdahlem AFB Markings.
  8. hello, its not a failure its a warning basically saying that if your EEG (electronic engine governor) were off or failed, your engine would be in an over speed and would burn out in no time. if you reduce your collective a little it'll go away. it'll turn back on though if you increase the collective to much again. i try to fly without bringing up that warning light so i'm ok if in case my EEG's fail from taking damage. it happened to me before i read about over-speed. i took damage and my hydrolics and electornics were out and i flew all the way back home until i gave to much collective when i tried to land and ripped my engines apart and fell like a rock. i learned my lesson after that. :megalol: thats at least how i've learned it by my tests and reading the manual.
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